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July 3, 2007

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I (Andrew Kirkpatrick) am delivering a seminar on Flash captioning Tuesday, July 10. See details below and sign up on our website.
Title: Captioning in Flash
Tuesday, July 10th, 2007 11:00 A.M. PDT
Adding captions to video in Flash is essential to ensure that users who are deaf or hard of hearing can access Flash video content. Adobe Flash CS3 includes a new component to make captioning easy and effective, and a variety of captioning tools are available to help developers define a process that fits into their existing workflow. This session will share best practices for Flash 9 swfs, Flex applications, and older Flash 8 swfs and will show you how to get captions in your video step by step.


  • By Marco Casario - 5:19 PM on July 3, 2007  

    That’s great Andrew !
    See you there !

  • By Marilyn Browne - 4:47 AM on July 4, 2007  

    What time is that in UK Andrew? Is the seminar going to be made available on Adobe web site for viewing at any time?

  • By Sofia Celic - 5:29 PM on July 4, 2007  

    Hi Andrew,
    Will this be available afterwards for those of us who can not attend?
    (4 am for us here in Melbourne, Australia)
    With thanks,

  • By Andrew Kirkpatrick - 6:54 AM on July 5, 2007  

    OK, 11am PDT is 2pm EDT, which is 7pm GMT. That’s not so bad as Australia’s 4am, but the session will be recorded and available afterward (I’m told about 1-2 weeks after the session) so if you’re interested you can catch the session later if the time is bad. There will be a Q&A period, so you’ll miss that, but it’s pretty easy to ask me questions outside of events like this so that may not be a deciding factor.

  • By julie burbidge - 3:27 AM on July 12, 2007  

    I’m interested in accessing the recording(?) of this session which (sorry!) I wasn’t able to attend. Is the recording up yet?
    Cheers, Julie

  • By Dennis Lembree - 11:38 PM on July 15, 2007  

    Great presentation. Thank you Andrew. Great to see how easy it is to caption in Flash now.

  • By Joe Humbert - 2:39 PM on July 27, 2007  

    I just wanted to comment on the examples page. Many of the links are out dated and/ or do not work. could you and some newer examples? Also is the stand alone flash player accessible yet? when will flash be accessible through firefox? Are the scrub bars for the flash video player accessible by keyboard for scrubbing through video? I am willing to help test the accessibility of Flash as I feel it will be a key tool of the internet for years to come. Thankx

  • By Dave - 8:17 AM on July 15, 2008  

    Is this available in an archive?

  • By Paula - 4:18 PM on July 29, 2009  

    Is there a step by step tutorial on how to flash caption? I am having difficulty. I have done the captioning with magpie, now how do I incorporate the xml file?