by Andrew Kirkpatrick

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June 4, 2008

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Adobe announced Acrobat 9 yesterday, so I want to point out the resources that are available to people interested in accessibility. The Acrobat 9 accessibility page is located at, and from there you can read the brief overview, find information about what’s new in Acrobat 9, and locate the Acrobat FAQ for accessibility.


  • By Adrian - 5:15 AM on June 4, 2008  

    Some promising accessibility features in store I’m sure but can you tell us anything about accessibility in also recently launched Andrew? my first impression is not good as I don’t seem to be able to get beyond the front page.

  • By TTT - 5:31 AM on June 4, 2008  

    Thank you for that link.
    I think I’m going to like the improved support for dynamic PDF forms that have been created using Adobe LiveCycle® Designer ES software.

  • By mike - 8:14 AM on June 4, 2008  

    Andrew, thanks for getting the info up and out so fast – previously seems to have taken some time

  • By AWK - 9:01 AM on June 4, 2008  

    your first impression is accurate in that the level of accessibility of the services is not as high as that of Acrobat itself in its current Beta form. We plan to have more information available on this soon.

  • By Candee Hellberg - 10:26 AM on February 24, 2012  

    The “” link opens a page about Acrobat X accessibility, not Acrobat 9. I can only assume that the page has been updated to the most current version of the software, without regard for links from prior versions. There is no way to determine what accessibility features are included in prior versions of Acrobat, since the page appears to have been re-written for version X.