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August 8, 2008

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The SXSW interactive panel picker is open and I wanted to tell people about the panels that are proposed that Adobe is involved with. Whether panels for SXSW run or not is determined in part by an interactive panel picker – please take a look and vote for accessibility sessions! (you will need to register, which is painless and has no captcha).

Accessibility Talks and Panels

  • Accessible Flash and Flex Applications – this panel is not fully populated, but Niqui Merrit has agreed to join it, and it’ll be a great discussion.
  • WCAG 2.0: Practical Implications for Web Accessibility Now – this panel is submitted by the W3C but also includes discussion of non-W3C technologies.
  • Inclusive Universe 1.0 – Integrating Universal Design into Social Apps – this is Wendy Chisholm’s talk with Matt May. Should be fascinating!
  • ARIA Duet in the Key of A(jax) – this is a panel put on by Knowbility and will also be of interest for accessibility

Other Adobe talks

These are of interest – they aren’t all about accessibility directly, but are interesting people and interesting topics

  • Psst! The Money is in the Metadata! – with Mark Randall from Adobe. When I read this I think “more closed captioning”…
  • Diversification: the Path to Web Design Riches – with Scott Fegette, Dreamweaver Product Manager.
  • Uncovering Dynamic Content and Rich Internet Applications Through Runtime Search – with Justin Everett-Church, Flash Player Product Manager.
  • How SoDA is Changing Interactive Design and Development – with Jen Taylor from Adobe.

Please vote and we’ll see you in Austin!


  • By Lisa Herrod - 8:08 PM on August 19, 2008  

    Don’t forget about our really interesting panel proposal on “Aging, Cognition and Deafness: The quirky corners of web accessibility” where we’re also planning to cover Cerebral Palsy and wheelies in Second Life.
    I *hope* our panel gets through 🙂
    See you at SxSW Andrew