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December 21, 2011

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In March we released a closed captioning pod for Adobe Connect 8, and now we have a new version with additional features. Version 1.5 of the Connect Captioning Pod is available for free download.

This version still has all of the features available in the earlier version, but the new version also introduces the following features:

  • Additional preset for caption providers using Streamtext. Streamtext provides an online caption delivery service utilized by hundreds of real-time captioners in North America and Europe.
  • Support for word-by-word caption delivery and caption correction. End users can receive captions as they are entered by the stenocaptioner rather than waiting for a full line of captions to be delivered. Stenocaptioners also have the ability to correct mistakes in the captions by backspacing to delete errors and retype the correction. This feature is an option for the caption provider – at present Streamtext and CaptionFirst support this feature.
  • Support for in-meeting captioners. Sometimes a meeting is scheduled when a stenocaptioner is not available, or budget doesn’t allow the hiring of a professional. For these situations, it is now possible to assign a participant the role of captioner. The captioner’s work will be viewed in the caption pod and can be exported to text or HTML and is archived as part of recorded sessions just like captions delivered by stenocaptioners. In-meeting captioners are less expensive but also typically deliver less high-quality captions for end-users. If experimenting with in-meeting captioners, make sure to ask end-users who need captions how effective the results are.
  • Updated documentation for caption provider implementation is provided in the download package. Any caption service can deliver captions to Adobe Connect’s caption pod with this information.

Some images of the new pod:

As with the last version of this pod, development work was done by eSyncTraining, and we hope that you are as pleased with the results as we are!

The new pod, and documentation for incorporating it into your Connect meeting, is available now: Connect Captioning Pod v1.5 at the Adobe Connect Exchange.


  • By pggncp - 2:45 PM on February 23, 2012  

    An October 2011 post (to the March 2011 announcement) noted that there was a problem with the captioning pod in archived (recorded) webinars. Has this issue been resolved?

  • By Matt - 12:42 PM on July 30, 2013  

    What is the easiest way to add captions to a recording after the meeting has ended?

  • By Angela - 4:30 PM on August 26, 2013  

    I’ve downloaded the captioning pod for Adobe Connect 8, but I don’t see the documentation for incorporating it into my meeting anywhere on that page. What am I overlooking??

    • By AWK - 4:41 PM on August 26, 2013  

      Looks like the documentation was separated from the pod download. I’ll ask. In the meantime:
      1) Create a new share pod in your meeting room.
      2) Upload the .swf caption file file to that share pod.
      3) In the “+” tab configure the pod to match what your captioning provider indicates.
      4) Size the pod so it takes up the right amount of space in your meeting room (I typically make room for 3-4 lines of captions – this is more than you need if the captions are the default size, and allows some room for larger caption font size display).