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July 13, 2012

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Those of you who use a screen reader on Windows will by now be well aware of issues with the main Flash Player installer that resulted in screen reader users needing to rely on an alternate installer. Users could find buttons marked Q or I, but no other information was read out.

We can with a great deal of relief report that the latest Flash Player installer, 11.3, released on July 11th, restores accessibility support on Windows. Additionally, the Flash Player installer has added support for unassisted updates. Now you can select an option that will silently update your Flash Player version automatically, without encountering another installer dialog.

Not all of the interface is perfect, as we recognize, and we encourage users to report bugs that they find via our site at We are also continuing to press for improvements on Mac OS X, as well as working on other ways to make the installation and configuration processes easier to use. For example, Flash Player is pre-installed in Google Chrome, and the we’re beginning to offer OS-level settings management for the player (see the Flash player settings control panel on Windows. With these updates, we hope installations and use will become easier in the future.


  • By Marc Alexander - 9:55 AM on January 11, 2013  


    My blind friend uses GW Mirco’s Windoweyes as he is completely blind. currently there is an issue where he launches a youtube clip (any clip) and Window eyes Hangs (not responding) he has to reboot hs machine as window eyes stops speaking and he’s unable to navigate the page.

    After extensive exchanges with GW Micro tech support they are saying that the issue lies with MSAA and Adobe Flash, nothing to do with window eyes, I find this hard to believe as when window eyes is not active the video’s play fine without glitch.

    GW Micro want us to upgrade to WE 8 (costing £150) and IE10 but the issue still occurs so why upgrade?

    can you help me please?

    Much appreciated


    • By AWK - 10:00 AM on January 11, 2013  

      Marc, there is an issue that we believe is rooted in the Firefox MSAA implementation. With the information that we have available right now, what GW-Micro is telling you is accurate. One reason that this issue may only appear when Window-Eyes is running is that the accessibility interface is not being used when it isn’t.