Materials for Electronic Closing Binders using Acrobat 9 eSeminar

If you attended my Electronic Closing Binders eSeminar, you’re in the right place! Here are all the materials you seek . . .

Traditionally, at the end of a transaction such as a real estate closing, we would present our client with a binder stuffed full of all of the documents associated with the deal. These “old school” binders were time-consuming to create and costly to distribute. Creating an electronic closing binder in PDF is a far “greener” alternative that saves time and enhances client satisfaction.

You can download my complete guide and a set of slides below:

I created a 36-page guide Creating Electronic Closing Binders using Acrobat 9. This document should give you everything you need to create great closing binders.

Download the Guide

Download the Slides


And, the downloads . . .

I’ve placed the files on my file share.

Download the File

Download the Slides

Reuse Policy

You are welcome to redistribute the document in its entirety, so go nuts! If you do, I ask that you provide the following attribution:

Creating PDF Electronic Closing Binders with Adobe Acrobat 9 is from the Acrobat for Legal Professionals (Acrolaw) Blog at

What does the document cover?

Here’s the TOC from the document:

  • What is a Closing Binder?
  • Binders or Portfolios: What’s the difference?
  • What do I need to create Binders and Portfolios?
  • Should I use a PDF Binder or a PDF Portfolio?
    • Binders
    • Portfolios
  • Getting Ready
  • Creating a PDF Binder
    • Combining the Files
    • Setting Default Open Properties
    • Customizing Bookmarks
    • Creating Links on the TOC Page
    • Adding Non-PDF Attachments
    • Adding an Attachments Bookmark Link (Optional)
    • Add a Full Text Index (Optional)
    • Add a Bookmark to open Full Search (Optional)
  • Creating a PDF Portfolio Closing Binder
    • Two Ways to Create Portfolios
    • Create a PDF Closing Portfolio using the Assembly Method
    • Create a new Portfolio
    • Add Files to the Portfolio
    • The Portfolio Window
    • Enter Descriptive Text
    • Selecting a Portfolio Layout
    • About the Welcome Page
    • Customizing the Welcome Page
    • About the Header
    • Customizing the Portfolio Header
    • About Portfolio List View
    • Customizing the List View
    • Entering Field Text
    • Create a PDF Portfolio using the Combine method
    • Add a Full Text Index (Recommended)
  • How will a Portfolio open in Adobe Reader 8?
    • Replacing the Cover Sheet (Optional)
  • Miscellaneous Portfolio Tips and Tricks

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