Quickly Review Case Documents with this FREE Acrobat X Quick Review Action

One challenge faced by legal professionals is separating the wheat from the chaff when analyzing case documents.

Winning your case requires you to find facts within documents, yet the majority of documents supplied in discovery are irrelevant. How can you quickly review case documents and pull out only the most promising for further study?

Acrobat X Pro Actions can help!

With some custom JavaScript, we’ve designed an action designed to help you separate the "Keeps" from the "Rejects":


Acrobat X Pro Quick Review Action

The Acrobat X Create Quick Review Action provides a process to help you evaluate a large number documents by:

  • Displaying each document in turn and allowing the user to keep or reject the document.
  • Copying documents to a “Keep” or “Reject” Folder

When you run the Action, you’ll be asked to select the files you wish to process:

Then, you can select the folder in which to copy the "Keepers" and (optionally) a folder in which to copy the Discarded files:

When you run the Action, a yellow Action prompt will appear instructing you to add a comment to the documents you wish to keep.

The easiest way to add a comment is to tap CTRL-6 (or CMD-6 on the Mac).

Then, just click the When completed, proceed to the Next Step> text which will open and present the next document for review.

Complete the steps for all of the documents you wish to review.

What about Email Portfolios?

It works! Just select the Email Portfolio at the start of the process. Note that this process will extract a copy of each message to your "Keeper" folder.

How do I get the Quick Review Action?

You can get the Filename Stamper Action over on the Actions Exchange on AcrobatUsers.com,

Alternately, you can download it direct below.

The PDF document you download below includes:

  1. Installation and use instructions
  2. Action (embedded in the PDF)


Quick_Review.pdf (674K)


Right-click and Choose Save Target As . . . to save to your desktop

You will need Acrobat X Pro to run the Action


3 Responses to Quickly Review Case Documents with this FREE Acrobat X Quick Review Action

  1. dlooney says:

    I could really use this but it doesn’t properly process the “discard” files (both in logging and copying the file.) However It does seem to log and copy “Keepers” correctly. Any thoughts?


  2. Actually, this is a comment on the dynamic exhibit stamp. In Adobe 9, we pasted a PPT graphic of a trial exhibit label acceptable to our courts on all exhibits. We needed to resize it a tiny bit after pasting it on the pdf – that was the only adjustment. Now, in X, when we paste this PPT graphic of the exhibit label, it is larger than the pdf and takes longer to resize to the proper dimensions. Any suggestions? Thanks.