Watch the recording of my PDF/A eSeminar

Missed my “Acrobat X and PDF/A Standards” eSeminar last week?

No worries!

You can watch the recording by clicking the link below.

RECORDING (Opens in new window)


I found an error in the slide deck used in the recorded version, so I’ve included the updated set of slides below.

Download the PDF/A Slides (1MB. Opens in a new window)

3 Responses to Watch the recording of my PDF/A eSeminar

  1. Amy says:

    The Acrobat X PDF/A seminar was very informative. I have one question that I didn’t get a chance to ask during the presentation. How can a redacted document be made PDF/A compliant? I have played around a bit with Acrobat 9, and I can’t figure out a way to do it, short of scanning. Thanks!

    —- Rick’s Reply —-
    File>Save As> More Options> PDF/A . . . the same process as conforming any other file to PDF/A. Or, use Preflight.

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