Adobe Reader 10.3 Update for Mobile Devices adds File Organizer, More

Yesterday, Adobe released an update for Reader Mobile 10.3 (iOS, Android) which adds several useful new features.

Since so many lawyers are mobile these days, I thought I’d cover what’s new in our newest Reader.

Of course, Reader Mobile is free! Just search for “Reader Mobile” in your platform’s app marketplace..

Add Text Tool

You might be familiar with the Typewriter Tool in Acrobat (it’s actually now called Add or Edit Textbox, but I digress) in Acrobat.

The Add Text Tool offers the same functionality in Adobe Reader Mobile. To use this new tool, just click on the tool and touch where you want to place the text. You can change the font size, color and position of the text.

Document Organizer

Finally! This new file organization tool allows you to create folders, copy, move, rename and delete documents. This makes it much easier to manage PDFs while you are mobile.

iOS Dictionary Support

You can now click on a word and choose the Define option to quickly see a definition. It’s the standard iOS dictionary, so I don’t know whether many legal-specific terms are included or not.

Form Interactivity Support

Reader Mobile now supports some of the basic form features such as calculation and formatting. Some of these functions are required on some court forms, so these should work much better. Note that Reader Mobile 10.3 does not support XFA-based forms created by Adobe LiveCycle Designer.

Overall, it is a nice update to a free product!

10 Responses to Adobe Reader 10.3 Update for Mobile Devices adds File Organizer, More

  1. Nick Bonnett says:

    Downloaded this new version with great excitement to finally be able to provide fillable forms with simple calculations. To my dismay this still does not work on the android version. it seems that even though 10.3 was realeased for both android and IOS some of the features only work on IOS

    • Rick Borstein says:

      I verified this and asked Engineering about this. They did not get to add the form calc on Android. It will be coming in a future release. Sorry I did not make this clear on my blog.

  2. Nick says:

    It seems that the calculated fields for fillable forms is still an issue on the android device since I have it loaded on a tablet and a phone and neither one can properly fill a form with simple field calculations. I guess we will have to wait for a patch for this which I hope will come soon.

  3. Sibylle Fischer says:

    I have created an interactive form with flexible layout in LiveCycle, and would like to use it on my android tablet… Is support of such forms planned for future versions of reader mobile, and if yes – do you have any idea when this is going to happen?

    • Rick Borstein says:

      Currently, Reader Mobile does not support XML-based PDF forms (e.g. LiveCycle forms). I can’t tell you when or if that feature will be supported. Sorry.

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  5. Rick Borstein says:

    Gosh, I haven’t seen that before. Try posting your issue in the Adobe Reader Mobile forum: