Adobe Reader Mobile Update (V10.4)

A new version of Adobe Reader Mobile recently hit the Apple App Store and Google Play Store— Adobe Reader Mobile 10.4.

Adobe Reader Mobile is a free app available for iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms. Using Adobe Reader Mobile, you can manage a library of PDFs from your phone or tablet, view PDFs, add notes and comments, fill in forms and more.

You can read more about this release on the Adobe Reader Mobile blog. In this article, I’ll talk about the new Cloud Sync feature which allows you to easily move PDFs from your PC to tablet or phone and keep changes synced.

Cloud Sync

Legal professionals are increasingly mobile. The good news is that Adobe Reader Mobile now syncs content with Changes that you make to a PDF adding a comment or filling in a form are automatically saved back to

Moving Files to the Cloud.

Acrobat XI and Reader XI allow you to upload a PDF to in a click or two.

The easiest way is to click the Cloud button in the Acrobat toolbar:
Adobe Acrobat Toolbar

Alternately, choose File>Save As and choose from the bottom of the screen:
Using Save As to save a file to

To access files from your PC or Mac or a mobile web browser, go to:


Accessing Files on your Phone or Tablet

On your iPad, iPhone or Android phone or tablet, open Adobe Reader and click on the section. All your documents and folders will appear:

Opening a file from using Adobe Reader mobile

Marking up the Document on your Mobile Device

In Adobe Reader Mobile, you can mark up your document with highlights, sticky notes, a pencil, etc.:Marking up a document in Adobe Reader mobile

Working with Files in the Cloud

On your Mac or PC, go to to see a list of all the files synced to the cloud. You can preview the file (without annotations) or download it:

Viewing files on
From the web interface you can preview files, create folders, upload files, sort and search.

Changes Synced
After downloading the file, you can continue working on the file in Acrobat or Reader XI:

The synced file opened in Adobe Acrobat XI

8 Responses to Adobe Reader Mobile Update (V10.4)

  1. Matthew says:

    Thanks for this Rick, and also thanks for such a useful and informative blog.

    One thing that we’ve noticed with the Reader mobile (Android or iOS) is that it can only recognise www. style web links, and that if you have any other links (ie a simple table of contents) it just ignores these and just displays the text in non-hyperlink mode.

    Are you aware of any tricks as to how to get it to recognise internal links? Ideally what we’d like is to have an index document that contains links to other documents etc.


    • Rick Borstein says:

      You will need to style the links in your source document to be visible in the PDF. That is no different than desktop Acrobat. So, for example, in Word I style the TOC to be blue and underlined.

  2. Matthew says:

    Thanks for the feedback Rick. The weird thing is that the links are visible (blue underline) from desktop Acrobat however they don’t show up in Reader mobile, I even tried zooming in and randomly pressing with varying degrees of frustration but no go.

    Note that the same document works fine in say the wonderful iOS app GoodReader or the Android app ezPDF.

    Thanks for your consideration anyway,

    • Rick Borstein says:

      I haven’t been able to reproduce this, so I’d need to see the sample.

      • Matthew says:

        Thanks Rick. I’ve setup a shared workspace ( and have posted the file with hyperlinks (index.pdf). I’ve also double checked on my iPad with Adobe Reader and now it shows the hyperlink in blue highlighting but doesn’t treat it as an actual clickable hyperlink. What it does by the way is using the open a file hyperlink reference a sub-directory ‘documents’ and then a file called either “A.pdf” or “B.pdf”.

        • Rick Borstein says:

          OK, that’s your issue. You cannot hyperlink to another document using Reader Mobile. On the iPad, apps don’t have access to storage the way they do on Macs and PCs, so this isn’t possible. You’ll need to combine the documents together to achieve what you want.

  3. Howard Green says:

    Need information on how to move or copy pdf files located on a mobile device (perhaps sent as an attachment, not coming via up there! Example might be something from a web site that one wants to keep, and perhaps share. How, please? And would appreciate direct response as not likely to find this post easily. HG

    • Rick Borstein says:

      Once a PDF is open in Preview, use the Open In command and choose Adobe Reader. Reader will save it locally on your iPad. You can then sync it to the cloud if you desire, but you will need a subscription to do so.