What Acrobat or Reader do I have?

Every so often, I get a question through my blog where it is clear that folks aren’t sure if they are using Reader or Acrobat or what version.

Although this sounds like a simple question to answer, when I’ve thought about how I would create a post to answer it, well, it made my head hurt.

Depending on how you purchase Acrobat, you will also receive access to different tracks (Classic, Continuous or potentially both). Only the Continuous track receives interim, feature bearing updates, like the ones I referred to in a recent blog post for the October 2015 release.

Fortunately, the Adobe Support folks just posted a Knowledge Base article which is extremely thorough.

Here it is!


2 Responses to What Acrobat or Reader do I have?

  1. Thank you Rick! But the Knowledge Base article is incorrect for Macintosh Acrobat Pro DC.

    Take a look at the screen shots … they show duplicates of the Reader DC’s About screen.

    As with Windows, the Macintosh Acrobat Pro DC screen shows “Continuous” or “Classic” .. no need to decipher 20s and 30s in the version string. 😉 Here’s my screen shot: http://www.screencast.com/t/Fh7jEtLyqU

    I confess I didn’t know about Continuous vs. Classic till I read your blog post though! Thanks.

    • Rick Borstein says:

      The KB has been updated to show the About screens. It still may be important to understand the version strings. In enterprise environments, users don’t always have the latest version. Since Adobe now updates Acrobat quarterly (Continuous track), it may be that one of my blog readers may read an article about a feature which they don’t have, even if they are on the Continuous track. Classic track folks will lose out on a lot of cool new functionality, but we understand that it can be additional work for IT to deploy the latest continuous version.