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Add a TOC to a PDF Document with Evermap’s AutoBookmark

Our partner Evermap has recently released an update to their popular AutoBookmark tool which has me really excited!

AutoBookmark ($189 or $99 each in a 5 license pack) is an Acrobat plug-in (Windows only). It adds a menu item and a panel to Acrobat. A free trial is available if you want to check it out.

AutoBookmark is my go-to Acrobat plug-in tool for managing complex projects with a lot of bookmarks and links. You can easily copy bookmarks between files, create bookmarks from headings or Bates numbers and about a hundred other features.

It’s a great tool to have if you prepare sets of linked exhibit files in complicated cases.

The latest release of AutoBookmark can (ta-da!) create a Table of Contents from Bookmarks in your document.

Adding a TOC to your PDF makes it easier to navigate and it looks great, too. It’s a requirement when creating closing binders and final document sets.

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Creating Electronic Closing Binders using Acrobat 9

Traditionally, at the end of a transaction such as a real estate closing, we would present our client with a binder stuffed full of all of the documents associated with the deal. These “old school” binders were time-consuming to create and costly to distribute.

Creating an electronic closing binder in PDF is a far “greener” alternative that saves time and enhances client satisfaction.


I recently delivered a 1-hour eSeminar on Closing Binders which was well-received.

Check it out! Watch the Recording—>  Electronic Closing Binders eSeminar

In the one hour event,

I showed how to create two kinds of closing binders; 1) PDF Binders and, 2) PDF Portfolios

I also created a 36-page guide Creating Electronic Closing Binders using Acrobat 9. This document should give you everything you need to create great closing binders. 

Click to Download

Read on for a TOC and download instructions.

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