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Miss my PDF/A Webinar? Watch the recording!

Did you miss my PDF/A webinar on 1/29? Check out the recording!

The US Federal Courts and other public agencies are moving towards submission of PDF/A (PDF for Archiving) files. Many legal professionals are obligated now to know how to create and work with PDF/A files.

  • Learn about the various “flavors” of PDF/A
  • See the new PDF/A-related features in Acrobat XI for easier conformance:
    • Find out the requirements and restrictions of PDF/A
    • How to create PDF/A using multiple methods
    • Working in PDF/A View Mode
    • Use the Standards Panel
    • Verify compliance with PDF/A
    • Conform existing PDF documents for compliancy with PDF/A
    • Use Actions to automate PDF/A conversion or conformance


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Download my materials from the ILTA 2010 Show

I prepared some extra-special materials for the 2010 International Legal Technology Show (ILTA).

The materials have been well received here at the booth, and my colleague Mark Middleton suggested that I share them with all of you.

The materials contain:

  • Acrobat Legal Resources
    • Links to eSeminars and other web resources
  • Deployment Resources for Acrobat 9,Creative Suite 5, Flash Player and AIR
    • Of interest to IT professionals who deploy these products
  • Acrobat Updates: What You Should Know
    • Helps you understand the Update process
  • Acrobat 9 Legal Quick Start Guide
    • Quick start guide to learn many of the core functions of Acrobat
  • Acrobat 9 Pro Legal Feature Matrix
    • Learn what feature is in Adobe Reader, Standard, Pro and Pro Extended
  • Acrobat 7-8-9 Legal Feature Comparison
    • See new features added over time
  • Acrobat 9 Customization Wizard
    • Learn about Adobe’s free tool for customizing and deploying Acrobat and Adobe Reader
  • Creative Suite 5 Version Matrix
    • Learn what products are in each version of the Creative Suite

Three ways to download this 800K PDF file:

  1. Directly from this link
  2. From account
  3. Via the widget below.



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Download my Thirty Top Tricks for Acrobat 9

If you follow this blog, you already know that my colleague Mark Middleton and I offer eSeminars on various topics such as Security, Forms, etc.

I’ve rolled up the Thirty Top Tips for Acrobat 9 into a ten-page, illustrated document so you can try them on your own!

Download Rick’s Top Tricks for Acrobat 9 (354K)

If you read on, I’ll tell you how you can share the document with others.

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What’s the difference between Acrobat versions?

Probably the most frequently asked question I’m asked is— “What’s the difference between Acrobat Reader, Standard, Pro and Pro Extended?”

And, the second most frequently asked question is—  “What’s the difference between Acrobat 8 (or other version) and Acrobat 9?”

There are detailed “official” matrices you can download from the Adobe website, but they probably don’t speak as directly to you, the legal professional.

I’ve put together two “unofficial” documents that speak to both of the issues above.

So when you want to know which version of Acrobat has redaction, or if web capture changed in version 9, these PDFs will help.

Download the Files

Acrobat 9 Legal Feature Matrix
Shows differences between
Adobe Reader, Standard, Pro and Pro Extended
(214K PDF)

Acrobat 7-8-9 Comparison for Legal Professionals
See new features added in Acrobat 8 and 9.
(179K PDF)

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Materials for Electronic Closing Binders using Acrobat 9 eSeminar

If you attended my Electronic Closing Binders eSeminar, you’re in the right place! Here are all the materials you seek . . .

Traditionally, at the end of a transaction such as a real estate closing, we would present our client with a binder stuffed full of all of the documents associated with the deal. These “old school” binders were time-consuming to create and costly to distribute. Creating an electronic closing binder in PDF is a far “greener” alternative that saves time and enhances client satisfaction.

You can download my complete guide and a set of slides below:

I created a 36-page guide Creating Electronic Closing Binders using Acrobat 9. This document should give you everything you need to create great closing binders.

Download the Guide

Download the Slides


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Slides for 2/12/09 Legal Redaction and Metadata Removal eSeminar

February should officially be renamed eSeminar Month . . .  this month I’ve already virtually presented to over a thousand customers!

Can I get a copy of the slides?

Download them here
from my account.

Reading this via a Blog Feed in Email? Click the title of the article to go directly to my blog and download the slides.


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Slides for 1-15-09 Acrobat Legal eSeminar

Can you send me the slides?

We always get this question after our eSeminars, so this blog entry includes the slides from the (1-15-09) Acrobat for Legal Professional eSeminar.

Download the here from my account.

Did you receive my blog feed via email?
Click the title of the article to go to my blog page to download the slides.


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What’s going to be in the next version of Acrobat?

Many legal users, especially those that look after technology for larger firms, have a real interest in planning ahead for new technology purchases.

Since PDF has become the de facto eFiling format and a paper replacement, use of Adobe Acrobat is nearly ubiquitous across law firms.

It is advantageous to know as much as you can about new software that will arrive in the months ahead. With that knowledge, you can plan your budget, anticipate training needs and investigate how the new product will fit into your existing infrastructure.

What new features will be in the next version of Acrobat?

I can’t tell you here, but you may be able to find out yourself by signing up for Adobe’s Pre-release Program.

Read on for more information about Adobe’s Pre-release Program.

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Materials for Today’s Communication Challenges

Although I focus mainly on two markets (Legal and Life Science), I was recently asked to conduct one of Adobe’s horizontal events which are not specific to any vertical market.

The eSeminar was Today’s Communication Challenges. In this eSeminar, my colleague Jim Merry and I offered a high-level overview and demonstration of what Acrobat can do for Knowledge Workers.

Knowledge Workers work in many disciplines, but have several common tasks that they need to accomplish:

  • Document Preparation Presentation, and Sharing
  • Protecting Sensitive Information
  • Electronic Forms and Data Collection
  • Electronic Document Review & Approval

The slides include many helpful resources including links to tutorials, books and more.

Read on to get to the download materials.

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Materials for Reducing Risk and Commenting eSeminars

From time to time, Adobe asks me to present eSeminars on topics which are not exclusively related to the legal market.

Recently, I wrote the script and worked with a team to develop a scenario-based eSeminar called Acrobat in Action. During the event, we showed how Acrobat could be used by program managers, marketing, engineering and operations.

I was also asked to do two follow-up seminars which take place this week:

  • Reducing Risk with Document Security
  • Easier Reviews and Faster Feedback (Commenting)

I like to post my materials (presentation) for access by the audience, and my blog is a perfect place to do so. Since Adobe will be recording these events, I’ll update this blog entry once I have a link to the archived recordings.

For those who want to see something specifically legal-focused, try these archived eSeminars:

Legal Forms on Demand eSeminar

Acrobat for Legal Professionals on Demand eSeminar

Securing Legal Documents and Information eSeminar

Read on to download the materials and hear more about how I create the demos.

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