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Managing, Annotating and Searching PDF Packages

In my last article Search and Combine using PDF Packages, I discussed how to search a large number of documents and combine the resulting documents into a PDF package.

The result was a PDF package containing a target list of documents for further investigation.

With this “hot” set of documents in hand, it is time to carefully review them. You want to find out:

        • Who is mentioned in the documents
        • The issue(s) associated with the documents
        • When actions took place

        Once you have all of this information, what do you think about what you found? How will you make your case?

        In this article, you’ll learn how to:

        1. Add Notes or Annotations to a document in the package
        2. Add or delete documents in the package
        3. Search within a package, including your annotations

        Read on to see how Acrobat can be used as a case analysis tool in this second article of the series.

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        Email Archiving with Acrobat 8: They’re Packages!

        Note: Acrobat 9 offers a new, more advanced capability via PDF Portfolios.

        The International Data Corporation estimates that over 8 trillion email messages will be sent in North America in 2007. (1)

        Legal Professionals are accelerating their use of email messaging due to the proliferation of mobile messaging. Almost 90% of large firms offer the Blackberry or similar device. In 2006, 18% of solos and 30% of small firms reported that these devices were available to them.(2)  

        Email has become a primary pathway that firms use to communicate with clients and the courts. Increasingly, email is growing as a source of discovery data.

        Properly managing and archiving email is a critical skill for attorneys. Large firms may use specialized archiving products which can cost in the six figures. Smaller firms need to take a more cost effective and proactive approach.

        Acrobat 8 introduces greatly enhanced email archiving capabilities. Read on for more information . . .


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