ADAA Honoree Robert Long Continues to Impress

Arizona Alumni Magazine  April cover  by Robert Long

Arizona Alumni Magazine
April cover by Robert Long

Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAA) 2013 finalist Robert Long illustrates our world in subtle and unexpected ways.  Robert’s illustrations blend an authentic natural style with an enlarged hyper-realism, sharing the creatures of our world from his unique perspective.

The ADAA judges were impressed by Robert’s illustrations of insects in 2013, and he continues to impress the critics.

Robert recently won the Edible Community’s Eddy Award for Critics Choice Best Imagery of the Baja, Arizona honey bee. Scientists and farmers in Baja have been studying the population decline of bees and butterflies, and working towards solutions for pollination to help preserve the insects, and our food sources.

Robert commented, “I aim to inspire curiosity in the intricacies of the natural world, and by extension, promote nature conservation.”

Robert added that his ADAA experience has extended his creative network around the globe.

Robert’s most recent illustration commissions have been for magazines; including the April cover for Arizona Alumni Magazine and the Edible Baja Arizona Magazine. Robert has also illustrated for Biosphere2 and aquaculture, with work for a science center next on the horizon.

Eddy Award Honeybee illustration on exhibit at the Nave Gallery Annex in Boston until May 10 by Robert Long

Eddy Award Honeybee illustration on exhibit at the Nave Gallery Annex in Boston until May 10
by Robert Long

“When I’m not peering through a magnifying glass, I stay inspired by visiting international natural history museums and aquaria.  A natural curiosity pushes me along, often to places I didn’t expect to be.”

Adobe congratulates Robert for his continued success, and applauds his support for nature conservation through the beauty of his illustrations. We wish all of the students in the ADAA unexpected inspiration and curiosity while building their creative careers.

Robert Long on ADAA Gallery

Robert Long on Behance

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