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2013 Mentorship Program to Provide Guidance to Hundreds of Student Designers

In addition to cash prizes, recognition, and Adobe software, the Adobe Design Achievement Awards contest has offered mentorships to ADAA category winners since 2009. The ADAA mentorship program is offered in partnership with Icograda, the International Council of Communication Design organization.  Icograda is an integral partner with the ADAA program, seeking out the most proactive mentors, from the many visionary designers in their international network.

Over the past few years, the ADAA-Icograda mentorship program has touched the lives of over 60 student designers, by providing category winners with valuable insight for building their burgeoning careers.

This year, Icograda, Adobe, and the ADAA Board Members launched a more ambitious program…  Instead of offering a mentorship, specific to only the twelve ADAA category winners, Icograda brought forth an exciting bold move – to reach more student designers than ever before.

In celebration of Icograda’s 50th anniversary, the organization designed the 50-for-50 mentorship program structure.  There will be 50 student designers provided with 5-month mentorships by industry professionals, plus, there will be an additional 450 portfolio reviews provided.   The team at Icograda, is currently creating a panel of fifty industry professionals.  Each industry professional will be working with 10 students each.  In addition, every ADAA 2013 category winner will automatically receive a 12-month mentorship opportunity.

Todd Anderson, contributing industry mentor, commented, “It will be an absolute honour to collaborate with students and offer insight, experience or inspiration to young creatives.  Design education is something that is very close to me. When I started out in my career, I was very fortunate to have been involved in similar programs and I fully understand the value that this offers.”  -Todd Anderson, Creative Director for Todd Anderson Design/CTTC Design

The full reach of the ADAA mentorship program will touch 512 student designers over the course of the next 12 months.

During the ADAA submission period, over one third of the ADAA participants expressed their interest in receiving an evaluation for inclusion in the mentorship program. This week, industry mentors will begin selecting students of whom they’d like to offer guidance or a portfolio review.  Mentors will be selecting students based on skill and their ability to demonstrate creative, innovative, and inspired design adaptions.

Together with Icograda, the ADAA team is proud to help foster, support, and build programs that enhance educational and career development.  Selected students who receive a mentorship or portfolio review will be announced on the ADAA contest website, the Partners By Design portal, and ADAA social channels in October. We’ll keep you posted!

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