#AskAdobeCare: Exploring the Expanded Creative Possibilities of Flash Professional CC with Joseph Labrecque Recap

Wow! So many questions! What an awesome #AskAdobeCare Q&A we had today with Joseph Labrecque on Flash Professional CC! Many thanks to all of you who asked great questions, and thanks also go to Joseph for providing so many answers during the hour. This must be some kind of record. Have a look!



Message from the Host: Joseph Labrecque

I’d like to thank everyone who contributed questions to the Twitterview today on Flash Professional. There was an overwhelming amount of interest which pushed the event a full 15+ minutes past the allotted time – which is great! This clearly demonstrates the passion and enthusiasm that people have for both Flash Professional CC and the wider Adobe Flash Platform. If anyone has questions which were not answered, please feel free to tweet me at @JosephLabrecque and I’ll do my best to get you the answers you are seeking.

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