Creative Cloud Delivering More Choice for Installations

We’ve had our ear to the ground, and have heard you loud and clear about needing more choices around how you install applications and manage older versions.

Beginning with the next major release of the Creative Cloud desktop apps, it’ll be simpler than ever to update your apps to the latest versions. You will now have a choice when installing applications to have the install update to the latest version, and remove old versions, or to install the latest version, and keep old versions around (which you can uninstall on your own later). Based on your feedback, previous versions will be uninstalled by default, and all preferences and settings will be migrated to the new version.

Of course, you are in control, so if you want to keep the old versions around, or change whether settings are migrated to the new release, you will have the option to do so as part of the install process.

Advanced Options

To install the latest version without uninstalling the previous version:

  1. Within the Update Dialog Box, click the arrow to the right of Advanced Options to expose those settings
  2. Uncheck “Remove old versions”
  3. Click “Update”


It’s that simple. The choice is now yours.

For more information about updating, see Update apps to CC 2015.

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