#AskAdobeCare Fixed-Layout EPUB eBook creation in InDesign CC 2015 – Part 2 | with host Pariah Burke


We’re back again, with another chat with epublishing expert Pariah Burke, author of best-selling books and videos on epublishing with InDesign. Join us to chat about the most exciting, interactive, and visually rich type of ebook–fixed-layout–and how anyone can use InDesign CC 2015 to publish amazing ebooks filled with imagery, animation, video, audio, and much more for children’s, travel, cooking, photography, and other types of books.

Tune in Thursday 8/13 at 12pm – 1pm PT for part 2 of our #AskAdobeCare Twitter chat where Adobe Community Professional, Pariah Burke, will be here to answer your questions.

If you have questions for Pariah, please tweet them with #AskAdobeCare, and we will supply the answers.


  • 12pm-1pm Pacific Time on August 13th, 2015

Here’s how to participate:

  • Sign in to Twitter anytime before or during the event.
  • Tweet your question to @AdobeCare + #AskAdobeCare.
  • Follow @AdobeCare, and track #AskAdobeCare to view questions from other customers.

MEET THE HOST: Pariah Burke

Headshot 2012 Scorpion RanchPariah Burke is a best-selling print publishing and epublishing consultant, speaker, and author. He literally wrote the book (and the curriculum) on digital publishing with InDesign, ePublishing with InDesign, which is the first and most comprehensive book on epublishing for InDesign-based enterprise, professional, and self-publishing workflows. His book has become the foundation for courses at hundreds of colleges and institutions throughout the world. Pariah is also the author of more than 30 hours of video courses on InDesign and epublishing for Train Simple.

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