Download Your Assets Before August 22 When Mixamo Gets Streamlined

Times are a-changin’ at Mixamo. Here is what you need to know:

  • On August 22, 2017 Mixamo is sunsetting features that are not part of the core workflow
  • The core workflow will stay the same
  • Download your assets now! After August 2017, no assets can be stored in “My Assets”

Download Your Mixamo Content

A New Era for Mixamo

It’s been a wild ride since Mixamo joined Adobe in 2015. We’ve helped to build a 3D ecosystem for creatives and we are just getting started! Mixamo continues to be a part of this ecosystem we are building and to update the website with new frameworks and prepare for future integrations, we need to sunset some of the features and tools that will hold back this evolution.

What is staying the same?

  • Select and use characters from Mixamo’s Character Collection
  • Upload 3D characters to get them ready to animate using the Auto-Rigger
  • Apply animations to characters
  • Download as an .fbx or .dae

What is changing?

Until the big day in August, the site will function just like it does right now. The biggest change will be that you will no longer be able to store assets on

On August 22, 2017, the following assets and services will be removed from the Mixamo site.

1. The ability to save and retrieve assets in “My Assets”.

2. The Face Plus facial animation plugin

3. The Decimator polygon reduction tool

4. The ability to download Control-rig scripts

5. Download types for .bvh and .biped that streamline integration with 3rd party applications

6. Mixamo forums will close and all help articles will be moved to Adobe’s HelpX


Here is an FAQ that gets to the details.

I have an existing Mixamo account, what will happen to my assets on

For customers with assets stored on in “My Assets” no changes will take place until August 2017 and customers can access stored assets as normal. After August 2017, customers will no longer be able to search for saved assets stored in “My Assets.” It is recommended that customers download all assets stored on the Mixamo site prior to the site changes in August 2017.

How do I apply a different animation to characters that I already own if the character is no longer stored in “My Assets”?

Store assets locally and upload to get the character rigged as usual. After rigging is complete, select an animation and download.

If I leave the Mixamo site and come back, do I still retain the character that I was last working on?

Yes, if you return to the site logged in with your Adobe ID, you will start the workflow with the last character you were working on in your previous session.

Face Plus and the Decimator and Control-rig scripts are no longer supported or available for download, is there any way that I can still access these features?

No, after August 2017, these services and applications will no longer be available.

After August 2017, I can no longer download assets in the .bvh or .biped file format. Is there an alternative way to download assets to .bvh?

Third party applications are available that can convert .fbx files to .bvh or .biped.

What file types will still be available for download after August 2017?

Files can still be downloaded in the .fbx and .dae file types.

How to Download Your Assets

Until August 22, downloading content from Mixamo will be the same as it ever was. Just make sure you take steps to download all your assets before August 22, 2017.

1. Login to Mixamo with your Adobe ID

2. Navigate to My Assets

3. Select the asset you want to download

4. Click the Queue Download button

5. Select your download preferences and click Queue Download

6. When your asset is ready, you can download it from the Downloads page. Please note that, larger assets may take time to get ready to download.

More Questions and Support

Below is a list of resources to get your questions answered now before the Mixamo site get streamlined, and where you can go in the future.

Mixamo forums – live until August 2017

Adobe Fuse CC (Beta) Support – will contain help articles related to Mixamo workflows with Fuse

Adobe Fuse CC (Beta) forum – community of users who can help with questions around the Fuse and Mixamo integrations.

Thank you for your continued support of Mixamo. We’ll share the future integration plans as soon as we can divulge all the juicy details. Until then, happy animating!

Download Your Mixamo Content


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