Unable to log in to Adobe Forum: Error – Too many redirects


When trying to sign in to forums.adobe.com, you may see this error:

First, try these steps:

  • Clear browser cookies
  • Clear everything from cache, history, saved passwords
  • Try different browsers & check

Are you still unable to log in?

Next Steps:

Try resetting your password:

  • Try to reset your Adobe ID password, then try logging in to Adobe.com
  • Once you have logged into Adobe.com, login to forums.adobe.com

Change your forum name

  • Login at accounts.adobe.com/profile
  • Update your “Name for Adobe Community forums”
  • Save your profile
  • You will now be able to login to forums.adobe.com                      

Still unable to login? We’re here to help!

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Note : An active Adobe ID is required to participate on forums.adobe.com

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