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July 30th Lunchtime Studios: Lightroom Mobile for Beginners


Come join us for another Lunchtime Studio where Creative Cloud Learn Interns Kathleen Kirker and Julia Grummel will teach you beginning steps and pro-tips for organizing, editing, and finalizing your photos on your mobile devices. We like to think that the best camera is the one you have with you. Nowadays, we take photos everywhere we go with our mobile devices. Lightroom for Mobile gives you a quick and easy way to access and edit all of your images on various devices using Creative Cloud syncing technology. Come join us and learn how to conquer of these great tools and learn some new tricks!

Please bring an iPad or an iPhone to take photos and follow along- you can also bring your laptop if you’d like to sync your photos.

What: Lightroom Mobile for Beginners

Where: Streamed live from Adobe’s San Jose office- view the live session online here: (enter as guest to join).

When: Wednesday July 30th, 12PM PT

Who: Julia Grummel and Kathleen Kirker

Julia Grummel is a computer science and digital art student at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. She is very passionate about coconuts and sunshine.

Kathleen Kirker is a CCL Intern from Columbus College of Art and Design (Ohio) specializing in illustration. She is a thrift-store guru and her desk has been overrun with cat figurines…which she doesn’t mind.

July 15th Lunchtime Studios: Customizing Type in Illustrator

Missed the session? Check out the recording here


Join us for our Lunchtime Studios session where Ren Sauer and Emily Tai will teach you the basics of making a simple yet attractive monogram in Illustrator. Beginner users can follow along as they teach you hands-on techniques, including utilizing the Type Tool, creating shapes, and embellishing the standard letterform in order to create eye-catching and unique designs. Please bring your laptops with the latest version of Illustrator installed.

What: Customizing Type in Illustrator

Where: Streamed live from Adobe’s San Jose office- view the live session online here: (enter as guest to join).

When: Wednesday July 15th, 12PM-1PM PT

Who: Emily Tai and Ren Sauer

Ren Sauer is a senior Illustration major at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR. When not creating new, exciting imagery and hand lettering, she spends her time curled up with copious amounts of coffee and books.

Emily is a Graphic Design senior currently attending the Maryland Institute College of Art. Besides designing, her other passions include hand lettering & typography, finding new bubble tea cafes, and expanding her graphic novel library.

Upcoming Classes: July 30th, Lightroom Mobile for Beginners

June 11th Lunchtime Studios: Getting Started with Responsive Web Design

Missed the session? Check out the recording here.

Helpful link from the session:


Join us for our second Lunchtime Studios session where Terry Ryan will teach you the basics of Responsive Web Design and introduce you to Edge Reflow. Getting websites to work on mobile devices continues to be a challenge and one method of tackling this problem is Responsive Web Design (creating a site that changes the way it appears across many screen sizes). With Edge Reflow, designing responsive sites is much less painful.

What: Getting Started with Responsive Web Design and Edge Reflow

Where: Streamed live from Adobe’s San Jose office- view the live session online here: (enter as guest to join).

When: Wednesday June 11th, 12PM-1PM PT

Who: Terry Ryan

Terry Ryan is a Developer Evangelist for Adobe and helps people using Adobe technologies to be successful. He has a passion for web and mobile technologies including expertise in HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Previous to his employment at Adobe, he spent a decade working in various technical roles at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Terry is also the author of Driving Technical Change, about convincing reluctant co-workers to adopt new tools and ideas. – @tpryan

Upcoming Events in the Series (more info to come!): July 15 – Customizing Type in Illustrator

June 4th Summer Series Kickoff: Lunchtime Studios, Tips on Using Behance

Missed the session? View it here

Behance_ls copy

Come join our first live Lunchtime Studios where Matias Corea (Co-Founder and Chief of Design) and Clément Faydi (Lead Designer) will show you how to use Behance to showcase your projects and work in progress, discover new work from the community, and build your network. They will also share tips on how to build the most effective portfolio, from editing your work to publishing your personal website.

What: Tips On Using Behance & Building An Effective Portfolio

Where: Streamed live from the SoHo NY Behance office- view the live session online here (enter as guest to join). Session will be recorded and recording posted here afterwards.

When: Wednesday June 4th, 12PM-1PM PT

Who: Matias Corea & Clément Faydi

Matias Corea is the co-founder and Chief of Design at Behance, the largest platform for creatives to showcase and discover creative work. As the company’s founding designer, Matias has led the brand identity and design of all Behance products. His work has earned a Type Director’s Award and 3 Webby awards, as well as several Webby nominations and honoree awards, as well as distinction as a finalist at the SXSW Interactive Awards, for three years running. – @matiascorea

Clément Faydi is a Lead Designer at Behance in New York City where he focuses on creating interactive products that help creatives showcase their portfolios and discover new work. Prior to joining Behance, he worked at Firstborn NYC and graduated from a Master’s Degree in Interaction Design in France. He is a visual design maniac obsessed with clean, type-based minimalist design. – @cfaydi

Upcoming Events in the Series (more info to come!): June 11 – Getting started with Responsive Web Design, July 15 – Customizing Type in Illustrator