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How are you using Connect?

March 7, 2007 /General /

We’d love to hear about how you, our users, are using the product in your work/play/etc… Please feel free to provide your experiences in the comments!
Additionally, please let us know if you have topics you’d like to see covered on this blog.

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing platform, powering complete solutions for web meetingseLearning, and webinars, on any device.


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  • By Kevin - 6:48 PM on March 31, 2007  

    I use Connect to video chat with my family while I’m travelling. My two year old always says “look at this daddy!’ while we’re on the phone, and with connect and a couple of webcams I can see what it is she’s talking about. I know it’s a bit overkill and I could just as easily use plain old video-IM tools, but connect seems to give better performance with the video part.

  • By Bernhard Zech - 5:08 AM on May 18, 2007  

    We are currently testing Connect Pro and are very very impressed by the possibilities to use it for webinars. One of the most exciting features I see is the possibility to record webinars in very high quality and to include flash content in the records which is still interactive. These recordings are a completely new and fascinating type of E-Learning content.
    Unfortunatly, there is currently no way to download these recordings.
    Worse, I got the info that these records are not storable or transferable to another Connect Server. Because most of our customers would like to start with the hosted variant, all their recorded content will be deleted and lost if they decide in a year or so, not to prolongate the hosting contract, or to “upgrade” to their own connect pro server. This is a big drawback.
    According to an entry I found in Ken Molays Blog Adobe seems to have plannings to solve these issues. Can you confirm and can I say to our customers that this is the case and we can be shure to get a solution? Thanks a lot.
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