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Adobe@Adobe: Enabling a Collaborative Workplace

March 9, 2009 /Adobe Connect /

In this video, Gerri Martin-Flickinger, CIO at Adobe, talks about how Adobe enables collaboration across our many global offices to support a diverse community of users on all platforms.

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing platform, powering complete solutions for web meetingseLearning, and webinars, on any device.

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  • By barry.b - 7:18 AM on April 3, 2009  

    David, just a suggestion to perhaps use a different method to play the video?
    I mean, it *is* progressive download, not streaming isn’t it?
    it’s much less annoying to wait for the video to download than put up with it stalling and stuttering under slower bandwidths. And not having an easy way to replay (without suffering the stuttering all over again) is a hassle too.
    meh, just 2c