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Adobe Connect Contest Winner!

In a post on our blog earlier this week, we asked what you wish your web conferencing solution could do. Not surprisingly, you had a lot of great (and in some cases quite funny) suggestions, which we appreciate and take to heart. Thanks again to all who participated. We’ve gathered a set of our favorite responses to the contest question in the Storify post further below. Please do check it out.

As we mentioned in that earlier post, respondents who followed @AdobeConnect and included the #AdobeConnect hashtag with their “wish” were entered into a random drawing for a 4-month Adobe Connect subscription. And we’d like to congratulate our winner, @kalarson, whom we’ve reached out to directly on Twitter.

Finally, keep in mind that although no web conferencing solution on the market can currently do everything we heard from you…and in some cases may never – like automatically ordering donuts for attendees ;-)…Adobe Connect is the most extensible product on the market. By that we mean developers can create just about any type of custom functionality that integrates into our solution to extend its capabilities. If you weren’t aware of that, we invite you to check out the cool and useful extensions (such as the TwitterConnect pod) from Adobe and our partners on the Adobe Connect Exchange. Extensions are built leveraging our Collaboration Builder SDK.

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  • By David R - 6:20 PM on June 14, 2011  

    Does this include all the tweets made with #AdobeConnect (or) only selected tweets?. Coz my tweets seems to be missing here!.

    • By Adobe - 6:58 PM on June 14, 2011  

      Our post featured a cross-section of tweets; we’ve updated now to include one from you, as well. Thanks for reaching out!

  • By Melissa RB - 8:56 PM on October 18, 2011  

    Is it in the works for mobile users, IPad 2, to be able to write on the shared whiteboard? This is functionality I feel is really important to add as an educator at an online high school. WIthout it, it is still “sit and get” information rather than truly interactive.

    • By Adobe - 5:43 PM on October 19, 2011  

      Many Adobe Connect rooms are used as Virtual Classrooms, and we are always working to provide a great virtual learning environment for trainers and students alike. As we add new functionality to Adobe Connect Mobile in future versions, we plan to enrich the mobile client with collaboration tools that provide more and more ways to interact with and engage learners. Please stay tuned.