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Adobe Connect Sneak Peek: Recordings

I’m terrible at keeping secrets. The toughest secrets to keep are often the new features that engineering is working on for future versions of Adobe Connect. Some of these features are incredibly exciting my first instinct is to want to tell everyone about them.

Usually, I’m not able to do that. I’m very glad to say that – beginning with this blog post – I’m going to start showing some ‘sneak peeks’ at some of the features that you might see in a future version of Adobe Connect.

In this first video post, I’m going to highlight some of the new features around editing recordings. I’ve always felt we had the best recordings in the business because they retained their interactivity. Instead of just showing a video of the meeting, Adobe Connect would replay the full experience using live controls. This enabled customers to search an index for a specific slide or section, to scroll up and down the chat or Q&A pod, and even to participate in a quiz or other interactive element of the meeting.

In the video below, I’ll look at how this interactivity might further benefit our customers by adding even more functionality to the recording index and giving customers the ability to edit more than just the timeline.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks.

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  • By Dylan McConnell - 10:50 AM on May 30, 2012  

    When will viewers be able to view these recordings offline on their mobile devices (ex: iPads)? We’ve had several requests to provide customers with such downloadable recordings, but have not been able to hand them over.

  • By J.T. - 10:34 PM on May 30, 2012  

    Nice Demo, and I’m curious as to what screencasting software you used to produce this video? Thanks!

    • By alistairlee - 7:40 PM on May 31, 2012  

      Thanks – I can’t say just yet what software I’m using just yet. You might see it as the feature of a sneak peek in the near future.

  • By Tom - 6:59 PM on May 31, 2012  

    Will the new version capture content/video from custom pods?

    • By alistairlee - 7:46 PM on May 31, 2012  

      Yes, but the new version won’t function any differently in that respect. It’s up to the custom-pod author to add this functionality. A custom pod can check to see if it is running in a recording or not.

  • By Eric Engelmann - 1:30 PM on June 1, 2012  

    Outstanding! If you can also find a way to let me edit recorded chats (to fix typos in text) I’d be even happier. Doesn’t have to be an online function (which would be great for most users). I could download a ZIP, run your editor, then rezip and upload. This would let me create full learning objects from recordings.

  • By Bob Flisser - 9:44 AM on June 3, 2012  

    Speaking of new features: I’ve heard for a long time that the mouse pointer substitution bug (participants don’t see the presenter’s true mouse pointer) is being fixed, but still haven’t heard anything definite. Any word when that will happen? It’s a deal breaker for anyone who does online software training.