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February 5, 2010

Enabling Editable Crop Marks Filter in AICS4

The Crop Marks filter is now available for download for those AICS4 customers who wished the CS3 Crop Marks functionality in CS4. This will enable the CS3 crop-marks functionality in CS4 but the CS4’s Crop Marks Effects functionality will not work with editable Crop Marks.

The filters are available at

For Mac filter go here.
For Windows filter find it here.

Here are the instructions to install and use this filter:

1. Quit Illustrator CS4, if it is running.
2. Remove the Crop Marks.aip plug-in from the Illustrator Filters folder (save a copy of this plug-in separately if you wish to use the Crop Marks effect in the future). It is located at Adobe Illustrator _CS4/Plug-ins/Illustrator Filters.
3. Download the provided CS3 Crop Marks plug-in to any accessible location on your computer (such as the desktop) and uncompress/extract the contents.
4. Place the Crop Marks.aip plug-in inside the Illustrator Filters folder (same path as in step 2).
5. Delete the Illustrator preferences. The Illustrator preferences file is located at Users\\Library\Preferences\Adobe Illustrator CS4 Settings.
6. Relaunch Illustrator CS4. The filter will be available at Object > Filters > Create > Crop Marks.
7. If the filter is not available, check to see if you placed the plug-in in the correct folder.

Important points to note:

• After switching to the Illustrator CS3 Crop Marks filter the Illustrator CS4 Crop Marks effect will not be available. Opening any Illustrator CS4 files that contain objects with the Crop Marks effect created using the Illustrator CS4 Crop Marks effect will require expanding the object to proceed with further editing. This is a standard Illustrator behavior when a plug-in is missing.
• If you wish to get the CS4 Crop Marks effect back, you just need to switch back to the original CS4 Crop Marks effect plug-in following the same steps and deleting preferences before restarting the application (resetting preferences is essential every time the Plug-in folder is modified).
• When reinstalling Illustrator CS4, you will need to perform the above steps again to install the Illustrator CS3 Crop Marks filter.

-Anil Ahuja
(Illustrator Team)

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