by Terry Hemphill


June 13, 2011

Adobe Illustrator Ask a CS Pro recordings

The Illustrator team and our friends have been the delivering some great Illustrator sessions as part of the Adobe Ask a CS Pro e-seminar series that takes place each Friday at 12 noon, Pacific Time.

For those of you who were unable to attend the sessions live, here are links to the session recordings. To attend upcoming sessions, please follow us on Facebook or Twitter to be notified of the next e-seminar on Illustrator.


The Illustrator Appearance Panel
with Rufus Deuchler, Senior Worldwide Design Evangelist at Adobe Systems
Learn about what Rufus defines the “coolest feature” in Adobe Illustrator: the Appearance panel. The Appearance panel gives you full control over the appearance of paths, objects, texts, and  much more, and lets you easily repurpose appearances you create by saving Graphic Styles.



Gradients and Gradient Mesh in Illustrator
with Russell Viers, Adobe Certified Instructor
Ah, the humble gradient…so often designers overlook it or misuse it because they don’t understand its design value or don’t know how to use it properly. In this session, learn techniques to give your art depth, dimension and pizzazz. Once you master these skills, you’ll have access to new ways to infuse excitement into your designs and art creation!



Adobe Illustrator’s Wide World of Color
with Brenda Sutherland, Illustrator Product Manager
Learn how to quickly and easily swap colors in any type of vector art, including gradients and patterns. Also discover how easy and fun it is to create new color combinations and experiment with different color harmonies. Brenda covers ways to save, organize and access your colors through libraries, share color groups with Adobe Kuler, and other amazing ways of working with color in Illustrator.


Illustrator's Live Trace


Adobe Illustrator’s Live Trace
with Mordy Golding, Adobe Certified Expert
Vector artwork can be easily edited and resized, but actually drawing vector artwork to begin with isn’t nearly as easy. In this session, Mordy Golding shows you how to get predictable results with the Live Trace function to convert pixel-based images into vector artwork.



  • By Rowan Weismiller - 10:01 PM on June 13, 2011  

    Thank you very much for posting the recordings for these live tutorials. These are an incredible free resource!

  • By Thomas Benner - 2:22 AM on June 16, 2011  

    These are wonderful resources and thank you so much!

  • By Nick Johnson - 4:36 AM on July 14, 2011  

    Yeah no kidding…Thanks a lot…Learned quite a bit.

  • By Art and Photography - 7:08 AM on August 7, 2011  

    I love this stuff especially when vector artwork can be easily edited and resized,

    Thanks and more power to your sample designs you have made.

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