by Terry Hemphill


August 14, 2012

Illustrator CS6 update for Adobe Creative Cloud — Sneak Peek

Check out this sneak peek of the new Package files feature in Adobe Illustrator CS6 by Rufus Deuchler, Adobe Worldwide Design Evangelist. Package files will soon be available exclusively for Adobe Creative Cloud members and point product subscribers. This highly requested feature lets you quickly gather all the files used in an Illustrator project, including linked graphics and fonts, for easy handoff to clients and vendors.

Package files is only one of the updates coming soon to Illustrator for Creative Cloud members and point product subscribers, so stay tuned for more news.

If you are a current Creative Suite user, you can save $20/month for the first year on Adobe Creative Cloud. This offer is available to qualified registered users of individual products and suite editions, CS3 or later. And please note, this special offer is ending very soon.



  • By Thea - 10:37 AM on August 14, 2012  

    Nice! For everyone who is used to working with Indesign that will be a huge step forward! Thanks for sharing!

  • By Richard Lyall - 12:43 PM on August 14, 2012  

    Hi Terry

    Could you please define “point product subscribers”? Is this every update up to and not including CS7?

    I have bought Web & Premium CS6 – I am included?


    • By Terry Hemphill - 1:30 PM on August 14, 2012  

      Hi Richard,

      “Point product subscribers” refers to customers who’ve purchased Illustrator (or other individual products) via a monthly or annual subscription vs. purchasing a “perpetual,” or traditionally licensed version of the software.

      These mid-cycle updates are available only to monthly/annual subscribers and Creative Cloud members, so you would not be eligible for this update.


      –Terry H.

  • By Asbjørn - 11:40 PM on August 14, 2012  

    Your business practices astonish me. You are telling me that you are punishing customers who have purchased a license the way it has always worked. I am NOT buying into Creative Cloud until there is a clear exit strategy. As it is now, I will lose all products when the subscription is cancelled with no option for buying them at a reduced price, which would only be fair, really. But no, you HAVE to punish loyal customers – I have PURCHASED every single edition of the Creative Suite, but apparently I am not good enough any more. I prefer to own products so I am not dependent on a constant subscription – if economics suddenly change and I have to cancel the subscription, I will be left with NOTHING instead of not merely being able to upgrade to newer versions! This is simply Adobe telling me that I have to pirate the software to get features I am entitled to – features I have PAID for!!! It’s not something I want to do, but if I have to, I’m sure there will be plenty of help. I certainly won’t be the only one…

  • By Ellis - 12:40 PM on August 15, 2012  

    So, a “highly requested feature” goes to anyone who can pony up $50 a month, but I spend a couple grand, and I have to wait. Gold medal, Adobe!

    Although, what does it matter when you’re the only real game in town? What are we going to do, jump over to Corel? Better hope no other viable competition pops up.

  • By Richard Lyall - 1:11 PM on August 15, 2012  

    I’m not delighted about it, as someone who’s now bought 3 (yes that’s 3) Creative Suites in the last 3 years, but I guess it’s clever psychology, but I didn’t see this coming.

    By dangling unavailable features in front of the faces of those who bought the software outright, Adobe are trying to make us upgrade to Cloud, in effect, to pay twice for what we’ve already bought.

    This is made more frustrating since Illustrator CS6 was quite a non-event regarding new features but I can see now how Adobe’s been holding something back to create extra impetus to upgrade. Won’t work for me – I’ll save for CS7.

    But I have the software for ever, I’ve paid my dues. And I can’t complain really since I was able to upgrade my educational Suite to the full version at normal upgrade price so I reckon I’ve had it good so far.

    But yes, Adobe, this carrot-dangling should maybe have been made clearer beforehand to enable people to make an informed choice.

    • By Terry Hemphill - 9:33 AM on August 16, 2012  

      Hi Richard,

      The intention was never to get customers who just purchased a perpetual version of a CS6 product or Suite to now pay to move to Creative Cloud; the option to purchase a subscription or a Creative cloud membership should have been available to you when you purchased your upgrade from your Education edition to our standard Suite. If you didn’t have that option when you upgraded, please contact me directly at, as we would like to understand how that happened.

      And on the lack of features in Illustrator Cs6, the move to 64-bit for Illustrator CS6, which required rebuilding Illustrator from the ground up, was a very considered decision; our customers were very clear in telling us that performance and stability are indeed critical “features” to them. We knew we would not be able to complete this re-architecture of the product without a clear focus on that effort. We didn’t intentionally hold back features to later deliver to subscribers and Creative Cloud members. But the team did look at ways to deliver on our promise to subscription and Creative Cloud customers: that we would provide continuing value to them, and deliver features before they are rolled into the next major release.

  • By Edward - 3:40 AM on August 16, 2012  

    The Ai/PS Buyers are left alone.

    Will it stay possible to buy CS7?

    I don’t like this Adobe move!

  • By Alan Shutko - 8:53 AM on August 16, 2012  

    One of the big selling points of Creative Cloud when it came out was that it would have access to point releases before they’re released as part of a major release. From

    “Adobe Creative Cloud members will have access to application upgrades, including new CS point-product features, before they are launched as part of major CS updates, as well as inventive new products and services as they emerge.”

    And from the main product page at

    Stay a step ahead
    Your affordable monthly membership includes upgrades to all new versions upon release, plus new features and services between releases — because the way you create and share is always changing, and your creative tools should keep up.

  • By Richard Lyall - 1:10 PM on August 16, 2012  

    Hi Terry

    Forgive me if my tone was a little pejorative – I was quite annoyed when I wrote, having just learned about the unavailability of new features to perpetual license holders. Will reply more fully to you in person.


    • By Terry Hemphill - 1:14 PM on August 16, 2012  

      Hi Richard,

      No worries at all…the Creative Cloud offering is new for all of us, Adobe as well as our customers, and we want to make sure that our communications are clear and that our operational delivery is effective, too. Look forward to hearing from you directly.


  • By Dino - 1:19 PM on August 16, 2012  

    If you would like the Package File function in older versions of ILL (cs3,4,5), The Scoop Plugin works great! I have been using it for years.

  • By Filip Blazek - 3:38 PM on August 16, 2012  

    Instead of adding new features, you should rather correct bugs and mistakes and improve stability and speed of the application!

    Illustrator CS6 is a nightmare! The UI doesn’t match with the rest of the suite. On Windows 7, Illustrator freezes from time to time, the shadows around windows and palettes become black frames, this effect if very ugly and unprofessional.

    When I started my carrier in 1993, I used Illustrator 3. Illustrator CS6 is by far the worst version I ever used! I even started to think about switching to another application to do vector illustrations.

    Two examples of bugs:
    – you can’t properly use the search field of the Pantone color palette: certain colors can’t be found (Pantone 123 C for example);
    – there is no way to use non-breaking space in the text.

  • By John Still - 11:11 AM on August 20, 2012  

    I’ve been using 3rd party solutions for years to get this basic package file functionality for Illustrator. Always felt it was a glaring omission in such a key professional production application but am glad to hear that Adobe has finally added this long overdue feature.

    A shame such a vital feature just couldn’t have made it into the CS6 licensed release.

  • By John Francis - 5:30 AM on August 22, 2012  

    What a glaring marketing mistake.

    I am actually a devoted user of cloud products of all types, having founded the first Application Service Provider (ASP) in the upper mid-west back in 1999. But the cloud is not for everyone. Do you have any idea how many developers are still struggling with lack of bandwidth in rural areas? Treating your most dedicated customers as second-class users is a bone-head move! I have spent thousands of dollars with Adobe, beginning in 1989. I do not take kindly to this snub.

  • By Chris Patterson - 10:18 AM on August 27, 2012  

    With the sub-par roll-out of CS6, with the crashes, with the inconsistencies with prior versions I find it amazing that you as a company would alienate a vast majority of your long time business because they’re not willing to bug test for you with subscription based services. I participated in the surveys asking what I would be willing to pay. Many of my clients have yet to upgrade to CS6 and definitely will not subscribe to cloud services from Adobe. I will not recommend them and based on my input (that’s at the least 100 licenses). I will definitely not suggest that they pay for a subscription to keep promoting a company that has lost sight of the people who have built its reputation. I myself having paid for the Master Suite feel like a sucker. Is this what you want? The people with the largest voices to be against you? By laying more money out for your products over the years than any other level of client you could possibly have, I’ve been alienated by your new greed-driven practices.

  • By Fred Barringer - 1:21 PM on September 7, 2012  

    The idea that Adobe was “so focused on a 64 bit-rewrite” that they couldn’t integrate this so very much requested (over mannnyyy ) years sounds very hollow and whiny.

  • By Bob - 1:14 PM on September 13, 2012  

    If Adobe has the capability to roll out updates before the release cycle, why not offer a heavily discounted subscription pricing plan for those of us who purchase a perpetual license and would like the added convenience of being able to take advantage of the same benefits as a cloud subscriber?

  • By Steve Gordon - 7:44 AM on December 7, 2012  

    I was thrilled at first about Creative Cloud because for one thing I was forced to upgrade because I’m taking an online course and needed the newer versions and needed apps like Premiere and After Effects. Even though I can get student pricing, I didn’t have the money to shell out on buying the suite, so paying a monthly subscription fee worked for me.

    However, I’m not really happy with the fact that if I stop subscribing I lose access to the software entirely. I have CS4 because I puchased it a while back, but it’s kind of unfair that after paying the subscription fee for a certain length of time you don’t get to keep the version of the apps that you have. It seems to me that after you’ve paid the subscription fee for a full year and stop, you should be able to keep whatever version you currently have. Or maybe go back one version. But I think it sucks that you completely lose the applications.

    I’m hoping that in the near future I will be able to purchase the Master Collection outright and stop subscribing to creative cloud. Since I’m a student right now, the monthly fee is only $29.99, so that helps me rationalize it. But knowing that if I stop subscribing I have to go back to using CS4 is starting to concern me.

  • By wes - 5:12 AM on January 25, 2013  

    when will Cs7 be realeased or CS 6.5?

  • By wes - 3:07 AM on January 28, 2013  

    I just want to know why we cant get the new features in the software we paid our money just like everyone i think this is wrong on Adobes side.I Dont want to get the creative cloud update it actually works out more expensive than buying a upgrade for me and I am in south Africa were the internet speed lines is really not to fast and would take a while to download all the software.

  • By Meghan - 8:02 AM on March 26, 2013  

    I am a Creative Cloud member, but I don’t have the option in my menu to “package”. I have updated the software, but still not there?? help?

    • By Terry Hemphill - 10:46 AM on March 26, 2013  

      Hi Megan,

      I’ve replied to directly by email…and I’ve forwarded your question over the to the team who monitors the Facebook and Twitter channels to respond.

      The AI blog is not a great place for tech questions as it’s not monitored directly by tech support. Illustrator Twitter and Facebook channels are, as is the Illustrator Community Forum.

      One thing to do first is to make sure you’ve the latest version of Illustrator. To do this , from the main menu, select Help > Updates.


      –Terry H.

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