by Terry Hemphill


January 7, 2014

“Reality Reborn” by Don Clark of Invisible Creature

Just in time for the New Year, we’ve a special treat for illustration fans: a new Illustrator CC sample art piece, created by Don Clark of Invisible Creature.

Detail of "reality Reborn"

Image detail from “Reality Reborn”

From an early love of skateboarding and snowboarding to founding a punk rock band with his brother Ryan in the 1990s, Don Clark has moved through life embracing his passions. Eventually, Don turned his attention to design.

In 2000, Don and his brother again joined forces: this time bringing their creative vision and illustrators’ touch to developing album covers, posters, and logos for many of the musicians they’d met throughout their music careers.




Don and Ryan Clark of Invisible Creature

Don and Ryan Clark of Invisible Creature

13 years later, Don still does some work on music packaging—even having garnered Grammy nominations along the way— but that’s now just part of the focus of Invisible Creature, the highly successful creative firm Don runs with Ryan.





The firm’s client list reads like a who’s who in business, including leaders such as Target, Nike, Hasbro, Google, Nordstrom, The New York Times, and dozens of others. For Don, one of the coolest parts of his work is the diversity of his clients and the variety of projects coming his way:

“What excites me most is my diverse client base. One moment I’m working for a hip-hop artist, and the next I’m working on a gift card for Target. The moment I get off the phone with a client I’m buzzing with excitement about the possibilities.”

'Reality Reborn" by Don Clark of Invisible Creature

“Modernism and bright, highly contrasting colors have always moved me, as do wonderful typefaces. I like fun, ornate, handmade type like you would see in a circus or festival. I also love texture.”

Don Clark of Invisible Creature

You can learn more about Don and how he created Reality Reborn by viewing the How To PDF that explains his work process, and by downloading the original Illustrator file. (Note: this is a very large file and will take some time to download).

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  • By Max - 3:59 PM on January 7, 2014  

    Hi. I am having trouble with the ‘downloading the original Illustrator file’ link. The link seems to just go to a blank page, and no file downloads.

    • By Terry Hemphill - 4:05 PM on January 7, 2014  

      Hi Max,

      When you get to the page you describe as blank, do you not see a blue “Actions” button in the upper-right of that page? If you click on that you’ll see the “download” option.



  • By Mega - 7:55 AM on January 8, 2014  

    No, download link does not work. There is no “actions” button on the page. Totally blank. I’ve tried all browsers. Same result. Please fix this. /M

    • By Terry Hemphill - 8:02 AM on January 8, 2014  


      I’m not sure what to “fix” for this. Others (hundreds of people) have downloaded the file without any issue. If your email that I have via your comments is correct, I will send you a separate link. Please confirm.


  • By Mattias - 8:11 AM on January 8, 2014  

    I would love to get a working link to my email.

  • By Wistar Rinearson - 8:48 AM on January 8, 2014  

    I just tested the link and it works for me. I even tried it on an iPad and it worked.

  • By Jeff - 3:14 PM on January 8, 2014  

    Download worked fine for me, I wonder if it is the fact that it is opening in the CC file sharing app that is causing problems for others – perhaps they aren’t CC members?

    BTW…thank you for making this file available to download. It is always great to peek under the hood of other peoples files to see how they are doing what they do. An excellent learning resource (and a beautiful illustration!).

    • By Terry Hemphill - 3:34 PM on January 8, 2014  

      Hi Jeff,

      Glad you’re enjoying the file!

      And on the file sharing, the recipient of the file does not have to be a Creative Cloud member, or even sign up to be a free member, in order to view, download, comment, etc.

      Not sure what the issue is for the few who have had issues, but many hundreds of people have downloaded the file to date, and I’m sure many are not on Creative Cloud. Hopefully, everyone who wants to download the file has been able to get it via the link in the article or the alternative link in the comments.



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