by Terry Hemphill


March 4, 2014

The All-New Pencil Tool in Illustrator CC

Illustrator’s Pencil tool is ideal for sketching out freeform designs, and to give a hand-drawn look to existing shapes and paths. For Illustrator CC, new technology under the hood delivers better curves, you also have new options for creating both curved and straight lines, and more.

The all-new Illustrator Pencil tool

Check out this great tutorial from Kendall Plant on drawing with the Pencil tool and using the new Path Reshape capability, too. The rebuilt Pencil tool may just change the way you approach drawing vector paths in Illustrator.



  • By sadik sheikh - 8:06 PM on March 5, 2014  

    vary nice design

  • By Jonny - 8:03 AM on March 18, 2014  

    You are right. Unfortunately, it has changed the way I have to approach drawing vector paths in Illustrator, because it will no longer allow me to work in as much detail as I used to. Due to the adjusted fidelity setting, accuracy has been sacrificed and it now renders organic, hand drawn lines to look like a sloppy live trace. Very disappointing.

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