by Sharon Milne


March 13, 2014

Top 5 Adobe Illustrator Tutorials on Tuts+ in February 2014

Vector on Tuts+

Welcome to this month’s catch up showcasing our favorite Adobe Illustrator tutorials available on Tuts+. We publish tutorials on techniques and effects to make awesome vector graphics in Illustrator. My name is Sharon Milne, the Vector and Drawing Editor on Tuts+ and it is my pleasure to share with the Illustrator community five of our most interesting and popular tutorials published during February 2014.

Create a Wild, Graffiti-Style Arrow Design in Adobe Illustrator

Sergey Kandakov is back in 2014 with this second tutorial (his third published in March!) and with his signature style. This time around he shows us how to create graffiti-style arrows, both color and monochrome. A great way to kick off the month.

Create a Large Faced Cat Illustration from Stock in Adobe Illustrator

I’m never going to hide the fact I’m a crazy cat lady. Coupled with my obsession of vector, cat tutorials will always find it’s place every so often. This time around, I show you how to use a mirror effect with the Transform panel to create a large face, cat illustration from a stock image.

Use Pattern Brushes to Create a Shoelace Text Effect in Illustrator

Andrei Marius creates awesome text effect tutorials. Fact. February was no exception as he taught us how to create a text effect with a Pattern brush to create a shoelace effect. He’s planned a really mind blowing tutorial for March; this time around it’s a nail polish effect. Keep your eyes open for that one.

Create an Easy Valentine’s Day Bunny in Adobe Illustrator

Another month and yet another fabulous, basic shape based tutorial by Nataliya Dolotko. She’s a reader’s favorite, as her tutorials are ever so easy to follow. With Valentine’s Day in February, it was a great opportunity for her to inspire us with this cute bunny tutorial!

Create a Floral St. Valentine’s Postcard in Adobe Illustrator

And Nataliya wasn’t the only author who was bringing us love filled illustration last month. Regular author Yulia Sokolova showed us how to create this limited palette postcard. Easy to create floral elements and cute song birds made up this delightful design.

Vector Portraits for Beginners

As well as being the Vector & Drawing Editor on Tuts+, I still actively create tutorials for the vector community, it’s one of my passions… the other is creating vector portraits. In February, we released my first ever video course on Tuts+ and the best thing about it is… you can view it all, for free! Check out Vector Portraits for Beginners if you’ve got intermediate knowledge of Adobe Illustrator but want to get into creating portraits.

Vector Portraits for Beginners: A Free Tuts+ Course

Brushes Week

Each month, we’re looking at tools and processes that our readers have requested further content on. Whether it be because they find that area harder to master or they just love tutorials to do with that area. In February we had Brushes week. Every weekday in the last week of February, we had beginner and intermediate tutorials to help you master Brushes. We ended the week with a round up of our favorite beginner tutorials.

26 Awesome Brush Tutorials for Adobe Illustrator on Tuts+


On behalf of the Vector Author Team on Tuts+, I’d like to thank you for checking out this month’s top five. There’re plenty more being posted every week day in a variety of areas.

Keep up to date by following the vector section of Tuts+ on Facebook and Twitter. Until next time, have an infinitely scalable month!


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