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June 21, 2016

The June 2016 Release of Illustrator CC is here!

The June release of Illustrator is here and available to Creative Cloud members through the Creative Cloud desktop app. If you’re not a Creative Cloud member,  you can test drive a free trial.

This release brings a number of great new features to explore:

  • Export for screens — fast export of assets and artboards
  • Live Shapes and Transform panel updates
  • Better collaboration, efficiency with Creative Cloud Libraries:
    Control assets in read-only libraries so they can be used by team members, but not changed or deleted. Find the assets you need faster with a larger Libraries panel and a new filtered search. > See how it works
  • Work more efficiently with Adobe Stock:
    License Adobe Stock assets in Illustrator via the Libraries or Links panels and open assets directly in Illustrator when browsing on the Adobe Stock website.
  • And a number of JDI (Just Do It) enhancements bring greater usability to customers:
    • Guides, which used to always lock when hidden, now have their visibility unlinked from their lock/unlocked state.
    • Anchor points are hidden for objects that are selected when using the Selection and Shape tools, letting customers focus without interference on their art, particularly when working at low zoom levels or with a number of paths at one time.
    • The Pen tool always toggles to the Direct Selection tool when CMD/CTL is pressed when drawing.
    • Anchor point handles snap to Point/Pixel/Grid when snapping in on. In the October 2014 release, this behavior was changed to allow free movement of the anchor point handles, even when snapping was on. This change had a negative impact on many customers, so the earlier behavior is now back by default. Free movement of the handles can still be accomplished by using the CMD/CTL key when adjusting anchors.
    • Character Styles can have any custom value for color tint. Earlier, these values were fixed in 10% increments.
    • Stroke weight and text sizes can be scrolled through in proper increments.
    • Show/Hide Bounding Box is supported by the Shape tools.
    • A number of Stability fixes for crashes and preview errors help make Illustrator more stable.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these features:

New Export for Screens makes fast work of exporting groups of assets or artboards. Just select individual assets from one or more artboards, or choose a number of artboards, and one click exports them to multiple sizes, resolutions and formats all at once — perfect for screen, web and icon workflows.

Asset export in Illustrator CC

An Asset Export panel lets you visually collect and organize individual assets for export by dragging or by adding art via menu commands to the panel. Export options include presets to quickly add the sizes and files types needed for iOS and Android icons, as well as the export settings for the various file types supported.

Art that has been placed in the Asset Export panel automatically updates to reflect changes made in Illustrator, such as color and transformations, and it also travels with the file.

Export for screens in Illustrator CC

You can also export an entire set of artboards to multiple formats and sizes in one go, with the same options for multiple formats and sizes that are available for assets. See how it works >

Updates to Live Shapes and the Transform panel make it easier than even to work with shapes in Illustrator. Live Shapes now have a consistent and uncluttered visual experience. Corner controls automatically hide as shapes are scaled to small sizes. The controls reappear at higher zoom levels or when the shape is scaled up, and are always accessible via the Direct Selection tool

Updates to Live Shapes in Illustrator CC


Polygons, which used to revert to standard — not live — shapes after non-uniform scaling or being skewed, now maintain their live characteristics.
 A new “Make Sides Equal” option in the Transform panel returns the polygon to its original proportions in one click.

Updates to Live Polygons in Illustrator CC


Refinements to the Transform panel make object rotation more logical, always allowing a shape — or any object, including text — to be reset precisely to its original rotation. See how it works >

Updates to Transform panel in Illustrator CC

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January 28, 2016

A Glimpse Beneath the Mask

Paul Douard, product and graphic designer from France, joined forces with Victor Vergara, art director from Colombia, to collaborate on Elemental Masks. The two illustrators share a similar passion for vector art and Adobe Illustrator — and the results are wonderful!

Elemental Masks by Paul Dourad and Victor Vergara

Elemental Masks by Paul Dourad and Victor Vergara

Vegetal Mask by Paul Dourad

Vegetal Mask by Paul Dourad

Find out more about the project in this post on the Creative Cloud blog, and be sure to check out more of their their work on Behance!

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November 30, 2015

The latest release of Illustrator CC is here!

November 30, 2015 – The latest version of Illustrator CC is here! Creative Cloud members can get the new version through their Creative Cloud desktop app, and if you’re not a Creative Cloud member, you can test drive a free 30-day trial. Let’s take a closer look at some of the new features.

New Creative Cloud Libraries capabilities —Find content faster by searching across your Libraries and across Adobe Stock, where you can search, browse and license images and graphics directly in the Libraries panel.

Illustrator Libraries enhancements
Libraries in Illustrator now offer the ability to import color swatches and Swatch libraries, and provide support for paragraph styles as well as deeper support for character styles. Learn more >











Illustrator CC has three new features that together bring new speed and flexibility when you’re working with the fundamental building blocks for creating beautiful vector graphics: The Illustrator shape tools.

Shaper tool — This completely new way of working lets you draw with loose, natural gestures that magically transform into perfect geometric shapes. Using the same tool – no need to switch to selection tools or other tools or panels – you can then combine, delete, fill and transform these basic shapes with quick scrubbing gestures to create beautiful, complex designs.

These designs created with the Shaper tool remain fully editable, as the underlying geometry is retained. You can continue to perfect the original shapes used to build the final design. The Shaper tool works with both the traditional Illustrator workspaces as well as the Touch workspace. Learn more >

Shaper tool in Illustrator CC

New Live Shapes: Ellipses, Polygons and Lines —More of the Illustrator Shape tools are now fully live, interactive and dynamically adjustable, so you can quickly craft vector shapes without having to apply effects or use other tools or panels. Also, you don’t need to switch to selection tools to move and transform these new Live Shapes when you draw them. Learn more >
New Live Shapes in Illustrator CC

Work more visually with Smart Guides — Enhanced Smart Guides let you perfectly align and space objects as you draw and move them, and new hinting helps you draw perfect shapes like squares and circles without using control keys, or extend a line along the same trajectory.


But there’s a lot more in store for Illustrator customers beyond new shape technology.

Dynamic Symbols — Symbols can now share a master shape, but be modified to have different appearances such as stroke, fill and opacity. You can scale, rotate, mirror and skew these new dynamic symbols without having to break the link to the parent symbol.

Dynamic Symbols in Illustrator CC

For example, an apparel designer may design a new shirt that needs to be shown in a number of different colorways, or color schemes. That shirt can now be defined as a dynamic symbol, with the different color schemes applied to the various instances of the symbol. If the designer needs to update the shirt design, such as a new collar shape, the shirt symbol can be edited with the new collar design, and all instances of that shirt will be automatically updated, but maintain their unique colorways. Learn more >

New SVG export option — Easily export clean, modern SVG code that is ideal for web and screen design workflows, with the option to export individual objects versus the entire artboard.

Illustrator CC and SVG Export

The new SVG export is perfect for web and UX designers who depend on SVG for designing scalable vector-based graphics such as icons, symbols, and logos that look great on all screens, including HiDPI displays. Learn more >

Touch workspace updates — The Touch workspace for Windows touch devices adds the Shaper tool, new Live Shapes, enhanced Smart Guides, the Creative Cloud Libraries panel, and an option to easily zoom when using a mouse. The Touch workspace also delivers support for the HP Sprout platform, letting you work in detail in the Touch workspace on the Sprout touch mat while getting a full document preview on the Sprout’s vertical screen. Learn more >

Illustrator CC Touch workspace

New mobile-to-desktop workflows include long-requested support for Android devices, and more:

Adobe Capture CC integration — Use an iPad, iPhone or Android phone to turn any image into a production-ready asset. Extract a color theme or create a brush, shape or vector graphic, and then save the asset to your Creative Cloud Libraries to use in Illustrator. Adobe Capture combines the capabilities of Color CC, Shape CC, Brush CC and Hue CC in a single convenient app. Learn more >

Adobe Illustrator Draw for Android — Create freeform vector designs on your Android phone with the Illustrator Draw app, and then send your work to Illustrator CC on your desktop to refine it further. Learn more >

And so much more — This release includes enhanced anti-aliasing and crisper thin strokes for GPU performance, improved data recovery, and much more.

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September 11, 2015

Be My Guide!

In an earlier post Creating Accurate Ruler Guides in Illustrator, I had shared some tips on creating ruler guides in Illustrator. In this post, I share some improvements around those experiences that have been in Illustrator CC for some time now. These changes make working with guides much easier, and almost similar to working with guides in InDesign.

1. To create a guide: Double-click the ruler.


2. To create a guide accurately at a marked ruler division: Shift + Double-click the ruler.

In the example below, I pressed Shift and double-clicked on the ruler at: x=105. The guide was created at x=108, because 108 is the closest marked division from the point of click.

Shift + Double-click

3. To create horizontal and vertical guides simultaneously: Press Cmd (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) and drag from the ruler’s origin point.

Cmd/Ctrl + Drag


Guides are like railings on a staircase. Distracting at times, but keep you safe from falling off (the visual grid).

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October 6, 2014

What’s new in October 2014 release of Adobe Illustrator CC


The October 2014 release of Illustrator CC is here! Let’s check out the top features:

Illustrator splashscreen by Orlando Arocena

Creative Cloud Libraries — Browse and access your favorite creative assets: colors, type styles, graphics, brushes, and more.

Touch workspace — Access the full power of Illustrator on the go using a new workspace optimized for your Microsoft Surface Pro 3 or any Windows 8 tablet.

Curvature tool — Draw refined curves and straight lines quickly and visually.

Join tool — Easily join paths that cross, overlap, or have open ends.

Area type auto-sizing — Area type frames resize automatically as you add, delete, or edit text.

Integration with the Illustrator family of mobile apps — Bring in art from Illustrator Draw and Illustrator Line.

Capture inspiration anywhere — Create custom brushes, graphics, and colors using the Brush CC, Shape CC, and Color CC mobile apps.

Creative Cloud Libraries
Adobe Illustrator CC and Creative Cloud Libraries

Creative Cloud Libraries let you browse, manage and access your favorite creative assets — colors, type styles, graphics, brushes, and more — in new libraries that are available in Illustrator, Photoshop, and mobile apps like Sketch and Draw. Capture colors shapes, and create custom brushes with new Color CC, Shape CC and Brush CC mobile apps, save them to Libraries and have them at your fingertips. Libraries sync to Creative Cloud so you always have the files you need, right when you need them. Learn more >

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Touch workspace
Illustrator CC Touch workspaceThe Touch workspace lets you access the full power of Illustrator on the go using a new workspace optimized for your Microsoft Surface Pro 3 or any Windows 8 tablet. Get essential tools for drawing and editing with a pen and your finger in a touch environment, including French curves that you can scale, move, and trace. At any time you can switch back to one of the “classic” Illustrator workspaces to access the full range of Illustrator tools and controls. It’s Illustrator you can take with you wherever you go. See how it works ›


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Curvature tool
AI_CC_Curvature_tool _croppedThe Curvature tool lets you draw refined curves and straight lines quickly and visually. Click once with the Curvature tool to place points and see the curve flex around them dynamically, or double-click or alt/opt click to create corner points for straight lines. Edit using the same tool — no need to hassle with anchor points and handles. But if you want the full control of working with anchors and handles, just edit your paths with any of Illustrator’s path editing tools. See how it works ›

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Join tool
Illustrator CC 2014 Join toolWith the Join tool you can easily join paths that cross, overlap, or have open ends — and simultaneously trim unwanted segments — without affecting the original path trajectories. And it’s all accomplished with intuitive scrubbing gestures. See how it works ›

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Area-type auto-sizing
Illustrator CC Area type auto-sizingWith Area-type auto-sizing you can say goodbye to overset text boxes. Now, area type frames resize automatically as you add, delete, or edit text. A double-click on the text frame widget toggles auto-sizing on and off.

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Integration with the Illustrator family of mobile apps
AICC_Mobile_familyIntegration with the Illustrator family of mobile apps lets you seamlessly bring in artwork from Illustrator Draw and Illustrator Line  and enhance it using the full range of Illustrator tools for a complete mobile-to-desktop design workflow. See how it works ›

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Capture inspiration anywhere
Illustrator CC and capture appsCapture inspiration anywhere — Create custom brushes, graphics, and colors using the Brush CC, Shape CC, and Color CC mobile apps, and then easily bring them into Illustrator via Creative Cloud Libraries to incorporate them into your designs. See how it works ›

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