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Interviews with Open Government Innovators

The inaugural GovFresh event this Wednesday offered a compelling glimpse at how to deliver on the open government promise.   After the event, we had a chance to chat with number of the event’s speakers and then pull their perspectives together into a short clip.   This clip highlights how government innovators and entrepreneurs are leveraging open government to drive environmental stewardship, advance public safety, speed public service, and foster innovation.  See the video below.

Overall, the event offered insight from both sides of open government equation: innovators and citizens using government information and governments making data available.   For those on the government side, you might also find the event’s Q&A particularly valuable (see the event replay starting at 1:01:50).  Many agencies are still struggling to define their open government strategy and allocate resources in order to make information easy to find, use, and trust for the public.  In the Q&A Chris Vein, San Francisco’s CIO, offers a perspective based on their experience overcoming many of the tricky practical issues governments are dealing with when it comes to opening up government data.

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