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A Conversation with Adobe VP of National Government Solutions

We recently sat down with Alec Chalmers, Adobe’s vice president of National Government Solutions, to gain perspective on his area of expertise in the public sector. Alec’s work includes responsibility for national state and local governments, as well as select federal civilian agencies.

This is the first segment of a three-part interview. Today, Alec discusses:

  • 0:05 – His current role and background
  • 0:40 – A typical day
  • 1:10 – Customer and citizen experience
  • 2:02 – Examples of customer/citizen experience in practice
  • 3:00 – Key trends in public sector IT

In parts two and three, which we’ll post over the next few days, Alec discusses:

  • Similarities and differences between Federal and State & Local government IT
  • Budget and technology challenges for government
  • What State & Local governments find most surprising about Adobe
  • How Omniture fits with Adobe’s enterprise offerings and helps support government
  • The future of government IT

Keep your eyes on our blog for the next two parts of the conversation, and be sure you’re following us on Twitter @AdobeGov where we’ll communicate about it. Also, keep in touch with Alec on Twitter @alec_chalmers.

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