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Adobe Connect powered by Bell Canada


Bell Canada’s Private Cloud
Powers Adobe Connect

– outside of the reach of the US Patriot Act

I spent a few days working in the Bell Canada’s Private Cloud infrastructure, (Infrastructure as a Service from Bell Canada), setting up virtual machines, networks and firewalls. I setup the environment after meeting with some Canadian Government agencies where I quickly learned how important it would be to Adobe Connect available in the private cloud – all in Canada.

Now, the Canadian government will be able to test out this Adobe Connect deployment that is “all in Canada”. I’m pretty sure other governments around the world (and some individuals) will also be very interested in this new deployment option.

The Details:

A deployment of Adobe Connect 9 has been stood-up in the Canadian Bell Cloud that includes the complete Adobe Connect offering.

The demonstration deployment includes:

  • Web Conferencing
  • Events Management
  • Content Management
  • Rapid delivery of training
    • on-demand
    • Virtual on-line classrooms
  • A lightweight LMS including individual transcripts for students
  • Telephony Integration (coming soon)

With this new deployment option for Adobe Connect, customer’s data will no longer be subject to the US Patriot Act. Many Canadian government agencies are very interested; I believe that many others will join them in making this a very quickly adopted solution.

The entire deployment is all housed in Canada inside Bell’s Virtual cloud. Even the domain and DNS hosting all are sourced from Bell Canada’s hosting service.

It was amazingly easy to deploy Adobe Connect on their virtual machines and to secure the deployment with their firewalls. I can’t wait to see how quickly the new service is adopted.

Paul Gilbertson
Senior Solutions Consultant
Adobe Systems

If you have any questions about getting your own deployment of Adobe Connect powered by Bell Canada,
please contact:

Adobe Systems:

Nick McGregor
Senior Business Development Manager
Public Sector
Adobe Systems Canada


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