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February 9, 2015 /Government initiatives /

Adobe JELA Helps Government

Communicators, Designers and Leaders all benefit from the new license agreement

By Guest Blogger: Greg Reeder

Help!  I need to get the most up to date software and technology tools to:

  • Fix my content management system
  • Develop my publications or apps
  • Automate our department’s forms process
  • Deliver compelling visual information
  • Tell our story

Throughout the military the demand for up-to-date, secure, and innovative ways to communicate continues to grow.  The side effects of this increased demand may sometimes be a rise in costs or a more complex solution to the problem.

The Adobe Joint Enterprise License Agreement, or JELA, provides an answer to both issues by offering a better way to control costs and keeping those who need to communicate, replete with the newest tools.

So what? You might say.

What’s in it for me? — might be a better approach.

For personnel in the Army, Air Force, DISA, and OSD – you now have access to all the tools inside the Adobe Creative Cloudabout 24 in all (depending on your component and platform).  Everyone also has unlimited use of Adobe’s Acrobat Pro XI and the Adobe Experience Manager Document Services – LiveCycle collection of products ranging from custom workflows, to SharePoint connectors that tie into your existing systems, and many other enterprise tools to create and distribute forms, implement digital signatures, and much more.

And, how much is this going to cost me, really?

Some folks cried foul when Adobe switched to a subscription model versus a single product sale.  Despite their complaints, the reality for them is that it would have cost much more in the long run to keep buying new versions of the software.  Even better — for government customers, under the JELA, the savings are immediate and substantial.  End users get quick access to the most recent releases of Adobe software, as soon as they sign up.  Plus, a full version of Creative Cloud under this agreement typically costs less than half as much as a full commercial license.

In addition to end users getting a good deal on great tools, government leaders benefit as well – from a programmatic cost savings perspective.

Being good stewards of the taxpayer’s dollar is key.  Consider, whenever people buy in bulk, they usually benefit.  The Adobe JELA is no exception.  In just the first year of the JELA, the combined savings or cost avoidance (depending on your perspective) of the initial enrollees was more than $300 million, versus the same set of products listed on GSA schedule.  More simply put – the JELA offered government IT folks a 94% discount on awesome technology.

Great tools.  Discounted prices. And the opportunity to tell your story.  Help is on the way.

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