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March 12, 2015 /Uncategorized /

Adobe Mobile App Analytics: Enhancing Your App through Data

By John Landwehr

Yesterday, I shared with you the beginning of some of the exciting updates to Adobe’s Analytics tools, and today, I’m excited to discuss the enhancements we’ve made to the already robust suite of Mobile Analytics solutions.

Citizens expect real-time encounters with agencies and they want their apps to understand and even to anticipate their needs in a secure environment. They are becoming less and less tolerant of simple, static apps and lackluster mobile versions of public sector websites. As a result, our customers need a dynamic, flexible, and up-to-date digital presence that is responsive to the changing needs of the mobile consumer. Adobe Mobile App Analytics gives you the tools to develop, monitor, and maintain such dynamics apps.

Four years ago, less than 10 percent of Adobe Analytics transactions came from mobile devices. Today, more than 40 percent are from mobile devices. As more of your customers change their online habits, your analytics strategy needs to reflect this shift.

For our Public Sector customers, this is particularly important in understanding how citizens interact with their government through mobile applications. While federal, state and local governments are implementing apps for constituents, the ability to analyze the data of how and when citizens use the app is necessary to improving and extending the life cycle of that app.

To learn more about Adobe’s enhanced Mobile Analytics offerings, click here.