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Adobe’s best kept secret

In a company that has a relatively large portfolio of products and capabilities, it’s quite easy for many people to hone in on one or two products and ignore the rest. Adobe is one such company. I’ve always been very happy to be affiliated with Adobe, if for no other reason, it’s one of the few companies I’ve ever worked for that even my mom knows of! 🙂

But, like my mom who associates Adobe only with ‘that software that let’s me read stuff I download from the Internet’, many people have gaps in their knowledge of what the company offers.

One example is in the realm of security. There are quite a few misconceptions out there about how to manage and control digital information. Rather than steal their thunder, I’m going to point you to a recently recorded discussion between John Landwehr (Director of Security Solutions & Strategy) and John B. Harris (a member of John’s team). In this short 8 minute video, John and John talk about a number of capabilities including digital signatures and Digital Rights Management.

View the session here.

Take 8 minutes and enjoy!

I encourage you to think about creative ways these capabilities could be leveraged to help drive open government. I look forward to your comments and ideas!

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