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As I sit watching the snow I’m reminded……..

Over the past few years, I’ve been privileged with numerous opportunities to share my thoughts on the topic of Telework. And way back when, it seemed that the supporters of Telework for government were few and far between. Of course, there were the trail blazers, (I recall speaking on panels with such thought leaders and executors as Danette Campbell from PTO and Andy Krzmarzick from USDA. It’s been amazing to collaborate with such talent!) but by and large, back then, the idea of allowing, much less encouraging, government employees to work from home with some regularity was really a bit of a stretch.

So, with the snow and ensuing local panic over the past couple days, I’m reminded of the December 2010 signing of the Telework Act and it’s importance. Of course, it’s really easy to recognize that working from home is a benefit on days when there is bad weather, but, let’s not forget about the other benefits; work/life balance for government employees, the impact on green initiatives (less energy, elimination of paper, etc.) and the ability to reduce the cost of government to name a few.

I am just a wee bit proud of the impact that many Adobe technologies have had on enabling this landmark shift. From providing the free software that powers recognizable and trusted user experiences (PDF, Reader, Flash) to the enterprise and desktop solutions that deliver web collaboration (Adobe Connect) and digital document processes (LiveCycle, Acrobat, Creative Suites), Adobe has been helping government streamline communications and reduce the cost of business processes for years. As the promise of Telework comes to fruition, Adobe will continue to seek ways to help government and it’s employees to work better and more efficiently.

Of course, the events of the past couple days here in Washington have shown that there is still a ways to go, but, when compared to where things were just a short couple years ago, its very easy to see that significant, forward progress is being made! Maybe by next winter, there will be enough government employees empowered to work from home that “snow days” will be a thing of the past!

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