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Advancing Design-Led Innovation in the Public Sector

Jerry Silverman has been an evangelist for creativity for as long as he can remember. Now he helps public sector comms teams be more impactful.

Deploying Adobe CC Applications in Secure/Offline Environments

Air-gapped. Air-walled. Classified. Compartmentalized. Controlled. Offline. Secure. Does this describe a Government network that you or your clients operate within? If so, you’ve probably asked yourself how Adobe’s Creative Cloud software can be activated, deployed, maintained, updated and tracked on networks like yours.

September 30, 2014 / Uncategorized

Does Creativity Drive Success In Government?

Across Government IT leadership these days, the high-level focus has definitively shifted to address the three new basic commodities of the Information Age: Mobile, Social and Cloud. The explosive growth of connected citizens, social networking, mobile web browsing and cloud storage availability has challenged Government agencies to fundamentally redefine and re-architect services that were previously unimaginable or even nonexistent.

August 18, 2014 / Uncategorized

Building a Creative Framework for the U.S. Navy

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Creative Cloud in Government: Summer 2014

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Adobe Customer Success 2014: U.S. Navy & Creative Cloud

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