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February 28, 2012 /Uncategorized /

Behind the Photoshop Splash Screen: Adobe in Law Enforcement


At Adobe, we are inspired by purpose-driven creativity. Through our technologies, software, and business practices, every day we enable millions of people across the globe to change the world around them for the better, regardless of the industry in which they work.

The above video is an excerpt from a larger “Behind the Splash Screen” video series on Adobe TV that focuses on one member of the core Photoshop engineering team, John Penn II, and his shifting of career focus from core product development to one of cooperation, dialogue and assistance to the US Law Enforcement community. John specifically represents Adobe with agencies like NCMEC and ICAC that work tirelessly to safeguard children from predation and exploitation in the real and digital domains, working closely with imaging, intelligence, investigative and forensics experts across State, Federal and International boundaries to understand and bolster their unique workflows, challenges and needs.

As a father of three small children who are utterly immersed in mobile, networked, “always-on” digital technologies, I certainly perceive the demand for Law Enforcement agencies to stay “up to date” on the latest technological threats to families and communities, especially when it comes to child exploitation, and to continue a high level of dialogue with industry leaders, like Adobe, whose tools and technologies form a critical part of the arsenal. I am extremely proud to count John Penn as an Adobe colleague, a friend, and someone who is helping secure and safeguard the next generation of digital citizens.