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September 22, 2016 / Creativity in Government

Mobile First Government: What Agencies Need to Adapt in 2016

Mobile access is quickly becoming the primary way over 93 million U.S. citizens get online. Three in five Americans use smartphones to access the internet, and one in three of them has no other way of getting online.

August 29, 2016 / Creativity in Government

Creating better forms faster: New tools for Experience Manager Forms align with U.S. Government Web Design Standards

In a perfect world, online government services are simple and easy for citizens to access and apply for from their smartphones and laptops. Yet getting enrollment forms to market quickly while ensuring they are clear and consistent across multiple channels seem like conflicting goals.

Creativity On-the-Go: Why cloud-based creative solutions are imperative to the creative process

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Advancing Design-Led Innovation in the Public Sector

Jerry Silverman has been an evangelist for creativity for as long as he can remember. Now he helps public sector comms teams be more impactful.

Smoother, Simpler, Smarter Stock Content

Designers know the value of stock content. It’s fast and convenient to use, costs less than creating custom content, and is available in a huge variety to serve almost any design. When stock content is repurposed over time, it can be an investment rather than an expense. But realizing the efficiencies of stock content is not always so easy, especially for the public sector.

In Service of Creativity

Adobe is excited and honored to recognize some of the best creative work we’ve seen over the past year with a special set of awards targeted at exceptional Public Sector agencies. The quality of this year’s many submissions clearly illustrates how design-centric innovation has become a core strategic consideration for engaging citizens and adapting to the continuous “consumerization” of government services.