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Reimagine Government at the 8th Annual Adobe Digital Government Symposium

People today are more connected than ever before and have higher expectations when it comes to digital experiences. As a consumer or a citizen, they expect experiences that are simple, personalized, and exceptional—whether it’s online, mobile, or social.

March 14, 2017 / Policy

Accessibility Standards Get a Much-Needed Refresh

After almost a decade of work, the board released its “Section 508 refresh” on January 18. In the updated rule, the board addresses improved access for numerous disabilities and takes a significant step towards greater accessibility.

March 10, 2017 / Government Innovation / Policy

Time for an Update? The State of U.S. Government Websites

Did you know there are more than 6,000 federal government websites, housed on over 400 domains? And many of these 6,000 aren’t fast, mobile friendly, secure or accessible. Federal websites need an upgrade.

June 30, 2016 / Policy

A Reason to Celebrate E-Signatures on Both Sides of the Atlantic

Today is an important day at Adobe because it is National ESIGN Day in the United States. Sixteen years ago, Congress passed the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN), which recognized electronic signatures as a valid form of transaction.

April 12, 2016 / Policy / Uncategorized

The Federal Government Needs to Embrace Open Standards

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October 21, 2015 / Policy

Introducing Adobe’s Digital Government Survey

But how many US citizens are actually engaging with the government digitally? What factors are most important to citizens when using government tools online, and do they see this as a budget priority? To answer these questions Adobe commissioned a study to explore how citizens interact with their government online, and how they feel about the digital government tools currently available to them.