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Cost Avoidance with Adobe Connect

Last week, you heard from my colleague, Scott Biegel, about his Adobe Connect roadshow through the states.   If you missed his post, I encourage you to review it and see when the show will be in your area!

As Adobe Connect Solutions Consultants, we have the privilege of hearing from all of you (our customers) about what is working, what’s not and how you are using our technology in amazing and unique ways.   Today, I wanted to share with you a fascinating use case I recently came across from one of my customers.

My customer, a civilian agency in downtown D.C., was asked to administer a timed, written exam to individuals in the U.S. and beyond.  Since they had Adobe Connect, they were able to satisfy this requirement in a timely, cost effective way by moving the exam online.  All participants of the exam were given instructions on how to login to the online Adobe Connect room at their specified time.  Because Adobe Connect allows participants to join from any location all they needed was an Internet connection, a standard web browser and the ubiquitous Flash Player.  It is also important to note that Adobe Connect is supported on all iOS and Android mobile devices via the free Adobe Connect Mobile app.


Once the participant entered the room (at their specified time), the exam administrator welcomed them with a chat message and asked them if they were ready to begin.  The exam administrator also blocked entry to the online meeting room so no one could enter the room and see the exam question and the written response of the current participant.  Once the participant said “okay,” the administrator switched from the lobby layout to the exam layout.  The exam layout consisted of a timer, chat pod and three note pods.  The first note pod provided them with the exam question and the second contained the instructions.  The third and largest note pod was used to capture the participant’s written response.  Assessing the participant’s writing style was a key component to the exam.  When time was up, the administrator closed the written exam and forwarded the details of the note pod to the necessary party for grading purposes.

The main objective of this approach was to avoid having to transport people to a central location, in many cases to another country, solely for the purpose of assessing their writing skills.  Using Adobe Connect this objective was accomplished.  What a huge cost avoidance!

My kudos goes out to this government agency for leveraging online technology and making a real impact for their agency and the exam participants.


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