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February 28, 2013 /Creativity in Government /

Creative Cloud – Exclusive Extensions

One of the perks of a Creative Cloud subscription is having access to exclusive features and products. While much of that content is in the form of exclusive applications (like the Edge Tools and Services), one of the latest new features is exclusive content via ‘Extensions.’ Let’s take a look at the newest benefit the Creative Cloud offers!

What are extensions?

Extensions are small plug-ins that perform a specific function within an application. Different applications have different extensions available to them; while we’re looking at Photoshop for this particular article, there are extensions available for other applications as well. While some extensions are available for non-Cloud users, there are some new ones that are currently exclusive for Cloud subscribers.

How do they work?

You can access extensions directly from the application that you’re working in. For example, in Photoshop CS6, you will choose Window > Extensions to see a list of currently available extensions.

To discover new extensions, select Adobe Exchange.

The Adobe Exchange panel will appear directly in the application to allow you to search for and install extensions.

To use extensions, search or browse through the list of extensions directly in the panel to select ones you want to add. Under the ‘Free’ tab you will find exclusive content if you’re a Creative Cloud user, such as Adobe Paper Textures Pro (shown) and Flypaper. You can view details about what each extensions does, as well as see any reviews it’s received, notes, and previews.

New extensions are added frequently, so it’s a good idea to check regularly to find ones that might be useful for you. Once you have installed an extension, it will appear under the ‘My Stuff’ tab in the panel as well as in the application menu.

Once you’ve downloaded an extension, it will open the Adobe Extension Manager application to install it. This application lets you easily see what extensions you have and, as the name indicates, manage them.

If you don’t have the Extension Manager, you can access it here, or via the Adobe Exchange:

You may also be interested in Exchange ‘Classic,’ a.k.a. the Photoshop Marketplace, a community for various plug-ins for Photoshop such as Actions, Textures, and Presets, and/or the OSMF Marketplace for video. Keep in mind that the assets here come from the community, so there may be a variance in the level of quality and support, but this is a good resource for extensions for older versions of software. Of course, with so many exciting new features and enhancements, now is a great time to upgrade if your agency hasn’t already!

What about making extensions?

You can produce your own extensions too! There are tools and resources to help you create and package extensions, and you can share extensions privately, so that only those designated can access them (e.g., only users in your group or agency). This is a great way to customize aspects of your workflow that can be easily shared and utilized.

Extensions are a great way to enhance your Adobe applications, and these new exclusive extensions are a great way to extend the value of your Creative Cloud subscription. Of course, these exclusive extensions are just the tip of what the Creative Cloud offers. If you want to learn more about all of the benefits of the Creative Cloud, let us know!

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  • By Cosmo - 8:26 AM on March 6, 2013  


    What’s the best way to be notified about new exclusive CC extensions? Or are we expected to keep checking for them ourselves?