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February 19, 2010 /Editorial /Events /

Customer Service in Government: Does it matter? Survey results.

Yesterday, I spoke at a Governing eSeminar entitled, “Getting it Right: Customer Service and Citizen Engagement” with John Miri, Senior Fellow at Center for Digital Government and Gordon Thompson, section chief at Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

For those of you who ever felt passionate enough about an issue to share your views on it with others, I am sure you could relate to my curiosity.

Curious? Yes, curious.

I was curious to know who would show up, who would care, what aspects of citizen service and engagement do they care about…and most importantly, why. I have discussed this issue with agencies around the world, but each time I speak about it, it is always an opportunity to discover new perspectives and ideas.

About a couple hundred people showed up…connected virtually to participate in a discussion about a shared passion and concern.

For now, with morning coffee in hand, I will share with you the results of the intro poll that was taken at the beginning of the seminar.

What do you think about the results? What do you think about questions being asked?
I’ll share my opinions on the results in a later post, especially about the results to the question, “What is the impact of poor customer service and interactions?”

For now, have a great Friday.

P.S. As in all groups, many people were shy, so these results are only from participants that boldly clicked on radio buttons.

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