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DCO Unified Capabilities: Collaboration without Boundaries

DCO Innovation Environment Now Available

Defense Connect Online (DCO), powered by industry leading Adobe Connect and Adobe Experience Manager, has proven itself as an invaluable collaboration service to over one million registered users, across both classified and unclassified DoD networks, since its launch in 2007.

Now, with the availability of our DCO Innovation Environment, the possibilities are endless.

To provide the US military with the next generation of DCO services featuring even more flexibility for expanding use cases, including virtual training and telemedicine, the DCO Innovation Environment was developed. It enables users to leverage a powerful set of seamlessly integrated modules that greatly enhance the DCO experience.

Referred to as DCO ‘Unified Capabilities’ (UC), this innovative offering provides DoD personnel with immediate access to a configuration environment with solutions that redefine the “art of the possible.”

Based on the past decade of experience and user interactions, the DCO team has deployed this innovative toolset to help users worldwide conduct their missions more effectively and efficiently.  More details are available in this comprehensive whitepaper:

New DCO UC capabilities include:

  • Latest version of Adobe Connect 9, including the Training & Events module in addition to the Meeting module
  • Integrated telephony for Connect rooms
  • Mindomo, a mind-mapping tool that empowers users to visually create and share ideas
  • eLearning authoring tools such as Adobe Presenter, Adobe Captivate, and Adobe Video Creator
  • Cloud-based notes and survey capabilities that enable users to take notes and create real-time surveys that are accessible via browser or from within Connect rooms
  • Specialized eLearning tools for virtual instructor led training that simulates physical classrooms and learning scenarios

Additional capabilities are being continuously added to this commercial cloud service offering.  For the latest schedule of webcasts that explain how to access and use these exciting new DCO UC features, see this site:

And to get your free DCO UC account, contact

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  • By Christine - 9:48 AM on April 17, 2014  

    Exciting stuff! We love instructing DOD on Adobe products! Can’t wait to show them all of the cool new features in CC as well!