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November 12, 2010 /Uncategorized /

Delivering Immersive Experiences for Books, Magazines and Newspapers

As the digital constituency extends across a growing array of screens and devices, citizens gain more choice and control over how and when they engage with content. Many publishers seek a comprehensive, flexible solution that will allow them to reach constituents, engage their attention and serve their needs, regardless of where, when, or on which platform. At the recent MAX 2010, Adobe announced the Digital Publishing Suite, which allows agencies and publishers to preserve their meticulously crafted brand and have a direct relationship with their readers. To date, this Suite has been used to create wide ranging types of content – including highly designed monthlies like WIRED, text-intensive weeklies like The New Yorker, and now specialized lifestyle content like Martha Stewart Living.

The Suite is a turnkey set of hosted services and viewer technology that tightly integrates with Adobe CS5 products. Using the Suite, publishers can design and deploy engaging reading experiences across mobile devices and marketplaces. The initial beta release of the Suite (recently made available on Adobe Labs) supports creation, preview and sharing of digital magazines on the Apple iPad through an Adobe branded viewer. A series of tutorials, examples and demos of the Suite are currently available on Adobe TV.

If you’re in Washington D.C. this Tuesday 11/16, don’t pass up the opportunity to see the Suite in action with Noha Edell, a senior Business Development Manager at Adobe, who will be demonstrating this exciting new suite of tools and technologies. Click here for the meeting details.