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Calling all designers and developers!

A little over a year ago, President Obama’s Open Government Initiative unleashed a movement to make government more transparent, participatory and collaborative. Government agencies have responded and made a wealth of data available, with more to come. But sometimes constituents need more than pure data. They want information that is relevant to them. There are many agencies who offer information in usable and engaging formats, but even more who could use some models of how to better present information.

Last week, Sunlight Labs kicked off Design for America – a contest with the sole purpose of reaching out to the designer and developer community to help make government more engaging. Adobe is proud to be the platinum sponsor of the event.

Design for America consists of seven categories ranging from data visualization to redesigning a .gov website. Each category carries a $5000 prize for the winner. Finalists will be showcased and winners will be announced at the Gov 2.0 Expo in May. For contest details, entry requirements, and eligibility limitations, please check out the contest site.

Get creative and show government the value of innovative design!

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  • By Robert D. Thompson - 5:40 PM on March 18, 2010  

    Can Entries include FlashBuilder? I didn’t see any requirements on the sublabs site and it says Web 2.0 above. I’d like to do it in FlashBuilder and already have a lot of experience on remote retrieval of data via REST and then parsing it using pattern classification and lexical methods. I want the data to be Presented in Flash though.

  • By Beth Lovett - 10:30 AM on March 19, 2010  

    Hi Robert. By all means, you can use Flash Builder and present your entry in Flash. I checked in with Sunlight and here are some considerations they suggest:

    — The judges need to be able to judge your art. They’re going to be using the web to do it. Sunlight isn’t dictating what kind of browser the judges use or what they have installed on their computer. So if you decide, for instance, to use something that only works in Internet Explorer, then chances are the judges won’t be able to see it and will give you down votes. We won’t disqualify anything for technology’s sake. If it is creative-commons by attribution licensed, if you’re eligible to compete in the contest, you won’t be disqualified. But you may not be judged well if it doesn’t work.

    Other than that, free reign.